When Mom Gets Sick

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There was this one particular morning, about 2 weeks after my first baby was born, when I staggered out of bed in response to my girl’s hungry cries.

It seemed like I hadn’t slept a full night in about a year and I was TIRED. It seems silly now, but my first thought that day was that I would never have weekends off ever again. Super dramatic, I admit.

When Mom Gets Sick

But it’s not just the sleeping thing. Mom doesn’t get to take a day off to sleep in, and she doesn’t get to take a day off when she’s sick. She just has to power through it and show up anyway.

This winter has been brutal for our family in terms of illness. Since December, at least one of us has been sick consistently…the kids bring home germs from school, Dad bring home germs from work, and Mom ends up catching everything.

DayQuil for Moms

This year, I ended up developing a pretty bad ear infection on Christmas Day, but even though I felt dizzy, congested and achy, I had to arrange all the gifts, call the family who live out-of-town, and prepare Christmas dinner for my family.

Thankfully, Mom doesn’t have to fight through her day while sick without some reinforcements. DayQuil Severe and NyQuil Severe can bring some relief from the coughing, congestion, and achiness while your body fights off the virus, allowing you to take care of your family.

NyQuil for Moms

I’m convinced that being able to get a full night’s sleep while I’m sick helps me to get better faster, but when I’m struggling with a stuffy nose or sinus congestion, sleep doesn’t come that easy. With NyQuil Severe in my medicine cabinet, however, I can be fully rested and get up the next morning feeling 10 times better.

It seems like many of us try to get through an illness without taking any medications, because we don’t think we need it or want to tough it out. I’m totally guilty of this myself…I let a little cold turn into a pretty bad ear infection and ruptured eardrum because I didn’t take anything early on to help relieve the congestion.

DayQuil and NyQuil for fighting flu

A short drive to my local Walmart for DayQuil, NyQuil, tissues, tea, honey and chicken soup could have possibly prevented a trip to the doctor’s office and prescriptions for antibiotics, not to mention 2 weeks of discomfort.

Thankfully, we are now stocked up on medicines for the rest of this terrible flu and cold season!

So Mom, protect yourself and your family from cold and flu germs by ensuring that everyone washing their hands frequently, eat healthy foods, especially fruits and veggies, and make sure that you are all getting enough sleep. But in case you or someone else gets sick, head over to Walmart to pick up what you need to get well soon.

What’s the one cold or flu symptom that you hate the most?

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2 thoughts on “When Mom Gets Sick”

  1. blank

    I’d have to say that I hate coughing when I get sick. Coughing fits are the worst, especially when they come out of nowhere when you’re not feeling well. Thankfully, the last time our family was sick with the cold/flu was back in October. I’m very thankful for this! Basically, we stay home A LOT which prevents us from catching yucky germs. 🙂

    My husband does work outside the house and has to visit elderly people who are sick at times, but he’s careful and also has masks to wear, if he needs them.

    1. blank

      I agree, coughing is the worst! My husband tends to get bronchitis when he has a cold, so he basically coughs non-stop until it is treated.

      I’m glad that you’ve managed to avoid getting sick for so long 🙂

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