Valentine-Themed Shelf for the Bedroom

Valentine Themed Shelf


Did anyone see my sneak peek of my latest project last week on Facebook? Well, here is the reveal…a Valentine-themed shelf for your bedroom (or any room, really)!

We recently added this new shelf above our bed in place of a giant picture that was a million years old (it was time for a change).  I love how easy and fun it is to change up its contents to reflect the seasons and give a little bit of cheer to an often-neglected area of the house.

Valentine Shelf


I found the shelf at our local thrift store for about $2.  It was unfinished and had the original store tag still attached, but sported a few dents, which I found just perfect for the shabby chic look I was going for.

After a coat of off-white paint, I asked my husband to hang it on the wall for me.  He had to screw it into the studs inside the wall, making it super sturdy.

The window is from my all-time favorite furniture consignment store, which is about an hour from our house.  It was about $20, and I just love all the character it adds to the room 🙂

Crocheted Heart Banner


My favorite part of the shelf is the pretty crocheted heart banner!  I just love how sweet and cheerful it looks draped across the window.

If you would like to make one of your own, take a look at this tutorial from Happy Berry Crochet.  I’m a beginner crocheter (is that really a word?), but I found the video easy to follow along with.  It’s a quick project too, depending on how long you make your banner…I think mine took me about 2 hours total.

Valentine Themed Monogram


I also love this new monogram plaque I made, using cut outs from Michael’s.  I simply took them home, slapped on a coat of paint, and glued them together with craft glue.  It was super quick and easy, and they have several designs to choose from.

The Key to My Heart


This cute little key also came from Michael’s (in the dollar bins).  It has a pretty antique-looking finish to it…I like to think of it as the key to my heart, which my husband found long ago 🙂

The rest of the accessories on the shelf were things that I already had around the house.  I especially like the flameless candles that I can turn on and not worry about hot wax dripping on our heads below!

So there you have it…an easy way to brighten up your bedroom for Valentine’s Day!

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