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vacation bible school

Since I wasn’t on the blog too much last week, I thought I would let you know what I was up to!

My church hosted a week-long Vacation Bible School class last week, and we all had a blast! The whole family was involved…well, Daddy had to work…but my kids participated and I volunteered to help with the preschool class.

Visiting Kingdom Rock

Each year my church uses a VBS curriculum from Group, which is always full of fun and meaningful lessons.  This year’s theme was Kingdom Rock: Where Kids Stand Strong for God.

Sanctuary drawbridge

Our VBS director and her helpers transformed our sanctuary into a castle kingdom! All the detail they put into the decorations was amazing…they built a drawbridge and moat at the entrance into the sanctuary.

crocodiles in the moat

The moat was complete with crocodiles!

bible buddies

Each morning we met a new Bible buddy, who set the theme for each day, and learned a Bible verse.

Bible Adventures

The Bible Adventures coordinator did such an awesome job with this year’s stories! She and her helpers really grabbed the kids’ attention with their acting and props.

Just look at the decorations they made for us…

David's pasture

David's sheep

They turned one of the Sunday School rooms into a pasture, just like in David’s Psalm 23. Each child had a sheep pillow on which to sit and listen to stories.

We also got to meet King David, Esther, and King Josiah throughout the week, and had fun smashing “idols” on the last day:

smashing idols

Fun music and crafts

One of the best parts about VBS is the wonderful music that they have written just for the kids. Each day has its own special song, which ties into the daily Bible verse and story.

I think it really helps reinforce the theme for the kids, plus they are just so much fun to sing. We listen to the CD at home long after VBS is over.

kingdom rock craft

We also made some fun crafts this past week…we painted t-shirts and made a paperweight with a rock, but my favorite was this adorable castle craft with each child’s picture in it. How adorable is that? The drawbridge really works 🙂

So that was my week….at times, exhausting, but overall very fun and rewarding.  Not only do I make a bunch of new little friends (who will hopefully be in my Sunday School class in a few years), but spending each day of the week hearing God’s Word and teaching it to the children really just enriches me spiritually.  I always look forward to it each summer!

Do your kids go to Vacation Bible School?  Leave me a comment and tell me all about your experiences 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Vacation Bible School Fun”

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    I LOVE Group VBS. They always do a great job. Our church is in the middle of a building project so we aren’t doing VBS this summer so I enjoyed seeing your pictures.

    1. blank

      Thanks Deanna! How exciting about the building project at your church! And yes, Group really does such a good job planning their curriculum.

  2. blank

    We haven’t had a VBS at our church for a few years now. Our church is small total number of about 70 people a week. We have had them in the past and I always helped out when we did have VBS. It was a lot of fun. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love the castle craft, so cute.

    1. blank

      I think we had about 50 kids at VBS…some were members, others just live in our community and send their kids every year. It really is a good time.

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