Tips to Make Your Organizing Easier

We’re back to the How to Organize Your Home Series today….this week we’re talking about what to do before you start organizing.

Organizing a home can be a challenge. These organizing tips will help you get started organizing a closet, your kids room, or any room in the house, making the whole process a lot easier in the long run.

Before you dig into this big job of organizing your home, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make the process much easier:

1. Gather several big boxes that you can use to sort items. I learned this great tip from Kathi Lipp, who talks about her 3 box, 2 bag system for sorting clutter in her book Clutter Free: Quick and Easy Steps to Simplifying Your Spaceblank (affiliate link). Instead of leaving piles of stuff all over the floor when you clean out a closet or cupboard, place items into different boxes to temporarily organize them while you are sorting. For example, when I’m de-cluttering, I like to have a large trash bag for garbage, a large trash bag for recycling, a big box for things that I’m going to keep, and a big box for things that I’m going to give away. Kathi adds a box for items that you are keeping, but need to go into a different area of the house.

These boxes don’t have to be anything special…an old box from an Amazon shipment or a box salvaged from the grocery store is perfect. If you want to find something a little more sturdy that you can use over and over again, pick up a couple of plastic bins or big baskets at Target or Walmart.

2. Don’t buy any organizing containers until after you have sorted and measured. Buying cute containers in pretty colors is one of the most fun aspects of organizing for me, but I learned the hard way to wait until I was done decluttering to figure out what to buy. Until you know what you need to organize and how much space you have, buying organizing containers will just be a waste of time and money.

3. Work on one area at a time. When you decide to finally declutter and organize your home, sometimes you can get so excited that you try to tackle the whole thing all at once. I’m guilty of doing it myself…and it drove my husband crazy because there was stuff sitting out all over the house! Eventually, I was able to gather all the stuff for recycling/stuff to donate/stuff to throw away and deal with it, but it was a bit of a mess for a while. Take one closet or room per week and do a bit of work at a time.

4. Be ruthless. We’ll talk some more about the emotional aspect to decluttering in a later post, but for now, I wanted to let you in on the one single thing that helped me clear out a huge amount of clutter over the past few weeks: if there was even a tiny bit of dislike of an item or doubt that I would ever use an item again, I got rid of it. This helped eliminate keeping pieces of clothing that hung in my closet for years unworn because I hated wearing them, but felt guilty about getting rid of them. It’s better to let someone else get some use out of these things than to let them clutter up your life.

Next week, we’ll talk about specific ways to remove and organize clutter!

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11 thoughts on “Tips to Make Your Organizing Easier”

  1. blank

    These are great tips, Erin! I especially love your tip to basically “organize” as you de-clutter/clean out an area of your home. That makes getting finished with the job easier and by doing it the way you mentioned, I won’t end up with piles of random stuff as I clean.

  2. blank

    These are great tips. I used a box system the last time I decluttered and it worked really well. My kids were able to help me and it makes the job go quicker and less clean up at the end. 🙂

    I like your tip for decluttering a room at time too. It’s just too easy for me to get started in one area. Go to look for something in another area and then start in the new area. Which only results in a huge mess and not much progress.

  3. blank

    Great ideas. Staying focused is hard for me. I find myself scurrying to another room to put something up and I’m on to something else. My one word for this year is FOCUS and I keep forgetting it.

    1. blank

      Oh my goodness…I’m EXACTLY the same way! That’s why having a box for “stuff to go to other rooms” is so helpful for me…keeps me on track 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by Debbie! Hope to see you around here again soon 🙂

  4. blank

    These are great tips! #2 is hard for me – I love finding pretty stuff at The Container Store. 🙂

    Please consider linking up your posts at the #HomeMattersParty this weekend – we’d love to have you!

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