The One Thing You Can Do To Make The Holidays Successful

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The One Thing You Can Do to Make the Holidays Successful
Christmas has always been my most favorite holiday of the year. (I know, very original.) There’s just something about all the decorations, music, feasts, concerts, desserts, and gifts that comes together to make so many magical memories.

As a mom, the memories are even more important to me now, because I want to make them very special for my children. I want them to grow up with thoughts of special treats I baked for them and the twinkly lights we put up each year and, most especially, the gifts!

Of course for me, as a child, the best part of Christmas was the gifts. My birthday is in March, so each year, I had to wait 9 months for all those new toys that I wanted. The excitement to see what Santa had brought us was so overwhelming that it often led my brother and I to wake up at 5 a.m. or earlier, much to the dismay of our Dad, who would’ve liked to sleep in a bit longer.

After tearing into the wrapping paper and revealing the toys that we had dreamed about all season, the big letdown happened…we couldn’t play with that one special toy because there were no batteries to make it run! (When I was growing up, there were no stores open 24/7, and you were hard pressed to find any open on Christmas Day, so we had to wait until a store was open to get some batteries).

Which leads me to my one big tip to making your holidays successful: Don’t forget to buy the batteries!

As we grew older, our parents got better at remembering to get some batteries to go with the gifts (thankfully). But now that I’m the parent, and know the joy of watching my kids open a gift that I know they will really love, I don’t want to see the disappointment soon after they discover that they can’t play with their gift because Mom didn’t buy batteries.

Quality Batteries are Important

Not only have I learned to always have batteries on hand for the holidays, I’ve also discovered that the brand of batteries that you buy can really make a difference. Buying a quality battery, such as Duracell, ensures that your kids will have lots of playing time with their new toys.

duracell batteries for toys

I’ve purchased the store-brand batteries in the past, thinking that I could save a couple dollars, and that it wouldn’t really make that much difference in the long-run. Boy, was I wrong! Some of those lower-quality batteries only lasted in the kids’ toys for a few minutes, but the Duracell batteries can last for a pretty long time.

Batteries Aren’t Just for Toys

Not only do I use Duracell batteries for toys, but I also use them in my holiday decorating. Decorating is so much fun for me that I pull out all our things on Black Friday and have the house all Christmas-y by early afternoon.

It’s a little crazy how much Christmas stuff I have…it takes up about 7 plastic storage tubs in the garage, and that’s not even counting the 4 artificial Christmas trees or the Christmas-themed dishes. (As a side note, my husband has officially banned me from buying any more Christmas decor.)

flameless candles

My newest obsession is flameless candles. I like to have candles glowing all over the house, but with little kids running around, they aren’t always the safest choice. A battery-powered candle is safe, but beautiful at the same time.

flameless candles in the windows

I like these thin flameless candles to put in our windows at the holidays. Each window gets a candle, and they make a cheery welcome for visitors and also for us, when we come home after nightfall. Duracell batteries last a long time in these candles…I have some that have lasted for over 2 seasons!

Batteries Keep Us Safe Too

Of course, Duracell batteries aren’t just for our gadgets and pretty lights…they help keep us safe too! After living through 4 multiple-day power outages in 3 years as a result of storms, I’ve learned to keep a good supply of batteries around to power flashlights and lanterns.

Duracell batteries have a 10-year guarantee

If you’re lucky enough to experience power outages only once in a blue moon, you don’t have to worry about Duracell’s staying power. They come with a 10-year guarantee in storage, so you can be sure about powering up your flashlights in case of an emergency.

Make sure that you have a Duracell battery stash to #PowerTheHolidays by heading over to Walmart’s website, where you can purchase both 16-packs for your decorating and gadgets, as well as 4-packs to use as stocking stuffers. You can also learn more about Duracell by visiting their Facebook page.

Does your family use a lot of batteries at holiday time? What toys do your kids play with that use batteries?

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4 thoughts on “The One Thing You Can Do To Make The Holidays Successful”

  1. blank

    My husband is a pilot and there are certain things he relies on that need batteries and it is require that they be Duracell, probably because of their lasting power.

    My kids have lots of things that need batteries. We used to burn through them like crazy for my son’s flashlights before we replaced the flashlight with a LED one. I also purchased the Duracell rechargeable batteries for my son’s MobiGo and his Vtech Tablet. Those two devices seem to eat the batteries up. But we have save quite a bit with the rechargeable batteries. They are even over a year old and still going strong.

    1. blank

      That is so fascinating Shelly! I didn’t know that pilots were required to use Duracell batteries…it just goes to show you how reliable they are.

      We also use rechargeable batteries in our kids’ electronics, just because they burn through them so quickly. But I prefer to have regular ones on hand so that I can power up a flashlight in an emergency or if I want to power my candles without waiting for a few hours.

  2. blank

    We have lots of toys around our house that require batteries, so we always try to have them on hand. And I agree that the cheaper versions are not usually better than name brand. We’ve also used a lot of rechargeable batteries in the past – to make things a little more cost effective.

    And you’re not alone when it comes to having a lot of Christmas decorations, though I do think you’re beating me with that many tubs. 😉

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