Summer Fun at Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Disclosure: Busch Gardens Williamsburg provided my family with complimentary park tickets in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

This summer, I have been on a mission to have as much fun as I can with my kids before they go back to school in a few weeks. We’ve done all kinds of fun activities in our home and our neighborhood, like going to the pool, lots of playing with our friends, and coffee/smoothie dates, just to name a few.

But the most fun we’ve had this summer is during our trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg!


Busch Gardens Williamsburg is a theme park that is divided into 6 European-themed villages (England/Scotland, Germany, Ireland, France, New France, and Italy), with fun rides, exciting shows, animal displays, plus fun shops and delicious food.

My kids were so excited to be going to Busch Gardens Williamsburg that they had a hard time going to sleep the night before our visit, and woke up bright and early the day of our trip. We wanted to be there right at the park opening, so we headed in about 30 minutes early. Parking our car was easy, and a tram with a friendly (and funny) driver picked us up right away and drove us to the front door.

Once inside, we found this:

height-check-for-kidsIn the England village, there is a height check station, where you can get your children measured for rides. This was such a brilliant idea to my husband and me….there is nothing worse than your child getting excited about a certain ride, then finding out that they are too short to ride it. After they are measured, the kids are fitted with a color-coded bracelet, making it easy to figure out which rides they can and cannot ride in advance. A valuable time (and tear) saver in my opinion!

After checking out the amazing Clydesdale horses, sheep and collies in the Highland Stables, we headed over to the Loch Ness Monster roller coaster. My husband rode, while the kids and I waited for Germany to open. It was such a treat to walk across the beautiful waterway to the KinderKarussel, where we all had a fun ride on a beautiful old carousel.

One of the things that I greatly appreciated as we toured Busch Gardens Williamsburg was the sheer beauty of the park. Every area was impeccably landscaped with pretty flowers and shrubs. The walking areas were free of trash and chewing gum, and music played around each corner.


 Look how gorgeous this waterfall and fountain are!

After riding a few more rides, including the Verbolten and the Autobahn, we decided to head back to England for some lunch. It was hard to decide what to eat, with the many delicious choices available, but the fish and chips won out with us.

england-busch-gardens After lunch, we headed to our favorite village at Busch Gardens Williamsburg…Ireland!

ireland-in-busch-gardensMy husband and I went to Ireland on our honeymoon, and just loved it. It is so much fun to be able to sort of revisit that beautiful country at the village in Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

The first thing we did was to go see the Celtic Fyre show, which was a very entertaining show of Irish music and dance. My son and I then went on the Europe in the Air ride, while the others went shopping at Emerald Isle Gifts. If there is one thing to do at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, it is Europe in the Air…you get to pretend that you are flying over all of Europe, seeing beautiful German castles, snowy mountains in the Alps, and of course, the green hills of Ireland.


We were also treated to some live Irish music out in the courtyard! So fun!

On our way to the villages of France and New France (aka, Canada), we stopped to visit the wolves and bald eagles that live at the park.

bald-eagles-at-busch-gardensMost, if not all, of the eagles at the park are rescues…birds that were injured in some way and cannot live on their own in the wild. It was so cool to see the rare eagles up close…they really are magnificent birds!

In New France, we stopped to ride a few more rides, and we got to watch a candle being carved at the Candle Carvers shop. After dipping a candle into many different colors of wax, the artist then carved it into a beautiful design, which allowed the layers of color to appear. My kids loved it!

At the end of our visit, we caught the steam train from Caribou Station back to England, where we had a treat of ice cream and a few more minutes of pretending to be in Europe…


It was a great day of summer family fun!

If you are thinking of taking your own trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, here are a few tips to make your day even better:

  • Grab a map of the park when you enter…you can find show times and bathrooms quickly and easily.
  • Make sure to visit the height check station to measure your kids for rides.
  • The villages open at different times, so make note of which ones are available on your park map before walking to an area that is closed.
  • Outside food and drink is not allowed inside the park, however, there are picnic areas (with tables) in the parking lots for those who would like to bring their own meals.

We can’t wait for our next trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

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    What a great park to visit. It not only looks like lots of fun but also the kids get to learn something new about different places. I can tell by your last photo your kids had a great time.

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