Strawberry Picking Fun

Last weekend we took the kids down to our local farm to do some strawberry picking.  We are so lucky to have a farm (an organic one at that!) less than 5 minutes away from our front door.  Each May, they open their farm up to the public for strawberry picking, and we love to go!


We had the perfect weather for berry picking!  The kids were especially excited, and ran down to the strawberry field to get started.

blankTommy couldn’t resist putting a few in his mouth 🙂  I had to tell him a couple of times to put the berries in the basket, not in his mouth…

blankThe older one was just as bad…..

blankblankblankWe ended up picking 3 quarts of strawberries, which cost us $24.  After being able to buy delicious strawberries at Aldi for $.99, this price was very hard for me to swallow.  I guess we are mostly paying for the experience though…sigh.

Have you ever picked your own produce?

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  1. blank

    We go to the pick your own fields each year here. We pick strawberries, raspberries and marionberries. We used to also have a pick your own flowers place but it gone now. None of the fields have opened yet in our area but we do have some tiny green strawberries on our own plants. Last year the slugs got quite a few of our strawberries. It looks like your family had lots of fun. Hopefully soon we will be able to pick too.

    1. blank

      Ooh, I would love to pick raspberries sometime! I haven’t heard of any farms around here that do that, but there are several that have blueberries, so we are looking forward to doing that in the fall 🙂

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