Secrets of an Organized Mom

Do you know a mom who always seems to have it all together? You know the kind…always dressed in a cute outfit, hair done, make-up on, house always picked-up and organized.

At first, you might feel a little bit resentful of this mom, or even secretly hate her, but in reality, she is just using a few secrets to staying organized that allows her life to run smoothly…secrets that you can learn how to use too.

How to be an organized mom

If you are feeling stressed out with young children at home, you may feel that it isn’t even possible to get your life organized, but rest assured, moms – it is possible to have an organized home and a life which runs smoothly – at least some of the time.

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Secret Number 1: Get your space organized

There’s an old saying that goes, ‘A place for everything and everything in its place.’ It’s a good motto to have when thinking about getting organized.

Determine the best place to store things and ensure they are put back when not in use. Doing this will help you know where to find something the next time you need it.

Purchase multiples of some items which are used in different rooms. For instance, if you use scissors in the kitchen and in the craft room, it would be a good idea to have two pairs of scissors.

Teach your children early on where things should be kept and expect that they will put them there.

For more help with this, check out my post on How to Organize Your Home.


Secret Number 2: Create Routines to Help Your Day Run Smoothly

A smooth-running morning begins by having a great routine and doing as much as you can the night before.

For example, you can go through the children’s school bag to find out what needs to be signed, or write important dates on the calendar.

Make lunches the night before and keep them in the refrigerator. Have your children bathe and choose their clothes.

Place everything that needs to leave the house by the door so nothing is forgotten.

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Make routines for other parts of the day as well. The more you can get your family used to doing without thinking about it, the better organized you can be.

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Secret Number 3: Purge Often

The more ‘stuff’ you have, the more disorganized you can appear even if you really aren’t.

Children outgrow clothing and shoes so quickly. Unless you have children who will grow into clothes, get rid of what is outgrown.

However, don’t throw everything away. You can sell clothing, toys and shoes at consignment stores, on the internet, at yard sales or you can donate them to charitable organizations.

Go through your own things as well. If you’re not using it and haven’t in quite a while, someone else might be able to use it.


Secret Number 4: Ask for help if you need it

There’s a saying that ‘No man is an island; entire of himself.’ This means you can’t do everything and you shouldn’t be expected to.

Delegate tasks you don’t have the time to do or simply don’t want to do yourself. Enlist your partner’s help in doing tasks they’re better at doing.

Teach your children at an early age to help around the house. Give them chores to do and expect that they will get done.

If everyone in the family pitches in (even young children can do something), Mom won’t have to do everything by herself.

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>>Check out the FREE printable download at the bottom of this post!

Secret Number 5: Meal Planning

Plan your meals ahead of time. Doing this one thing can save you money, time and headaches.

By planning your meals for a week at a time you can make one shopping trip to get everything.

You’ll save yourself headaches by not having to run to the store in the middle of the week to pick up something you don’t have.

You can also save money by matching what you need with coupons, and of course, avoiding take-out because you need something for dinner at the last minute.

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These five secrets of an organized mom will help you feel more organized and less frazzled. You may learn others by asking that mom who you think is organized and have everything together 😉


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18 thoughts on “Secrets of an Organized Mom”

  1. blank

    These are great tips, Erin. While my house isn’t super organized, it’s what I call “lived-in clean” most of the time and that fits with my type-B personality and the fact that I have five children. 🙂

    1. blank

      I’m sure it’s especially impossible to keep a super organized house with 5 kids! I know that with my two, they are constantly carrying things around to different rooms and leaving them there. It’s such a struggle to keep things in their proper places with all that going on, but I’m trying to train the kids to be more conscientious about their things.

  2. blank

    Hi Erin, thank you so much for sharing these! I’m pleased to see that I have already taken some steps toward these, and I am encouraged to work harder at others.
    I feel so tired, and often so anxious. I am a disorganized person in nature, and it often feels very overwhelming to do any of these tasks well. But I know that being a wife and a mom of two, I don’t have a choice, lol. I also really want to be a better homemaker, as it will help me in other areas, and it will help everyone.
    I wrote some things down for myself, and I’m about to sneak around your site a bit more 🙂
    Have a great day!

    1. blank

      Hi Kate! I’m so glad that you came over to visit today 🙂

      I too am always tired and I have an anxious nature. Clutter and disorganization makes me feel more stressed, so I’ve learned that if I put some energy into things like meal planning and decluttering, my life runs more smoothly and I am less stressed. I hope you will find that too! It’s definitely a process, so don’t be too discouraged if it takes some time to get your routines in place 🙂

      And please, let me know if you have any other questions or need suggestions..I’m happy to help!

  3. blank

    I think that you are so right with Secret 1, Erin! We have been caught out far too many times with using something and then not being able to find it again! We’ve just moved into a new house and this will be a priority as things get unpacked! Thanks for sharing.

  4. blank

    I love that you list “ask for help” as one of the top tips. So many of my mom friends do the other things but feel like there’s some kind of shame in asking for help. It takes a village sometimes to run a household and help is always a good thing.

  5. blank

    Well-summarized tips for overwhelmed moms!
    We’ve moved to 3 different apartments every other year with still old stuff in boxes moving with us as well.
    I should roll up my sleeves this time and start the task!
    Thank you for these tips Erin.

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