Say More to Your Loved Ones this Christmas

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Something that you might not know about me is that, although I live on the East Coast in Maryland, I am originally from California.

When I was 7 years old, my mom and dad divorced. It was a very rough time for me, as you can imagine…when you are that young, you don’t understand much about these kind of things. My brother and I stayed with my dad in our family home, and my mom moved into her own apartment.

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It was also a rough time for my dad…he came from an era where men worked outside of the home and did practically no housework, and so he had no idea how to cook or clean or do laundry. He also had to continue to work a 50 hour work week at the plant and try to find extra money to put his kids into day care before and after school.

I remember eating a lot of frozen dinners during that time and watching him struggle to figure out how to blow-dry my hair…I had one of those 80’s bowl cuts that you had to curl under at the ends with a round brush to make it look nice.

My dad told me once, after I was grown and married, that his lawyer had said that my dad was the first man in the county to ever gain custody of his children. It just didn’t happen back in those days. But he wanted us, no matter how many difficulties we might have.

Saying More this Christmas

It’s kind of hard living clear across the country from your family…my husband and I would love to be closer, but unfortunately, this is where we have to be for work. We try to stay in touch by speaking on the phone every week; we have a standing appointment to call around lunch time every Friday because then we know we are both home and can get our talk in.

Although technology has gotten better over the years, Dad doesn’t do texting (he still has a flip phone!) and he really didn’t like Skype…he find the phone easier, and so do I.


Fortunately, Dad makes a trip out to see us about once a year, and this year he’ll be with us for Christmas. The kids are super excited to see Grandpa, and I know that he can’t wait to see his grandbabies 🙂

Although he doesn’t need much at this time in his life, it’s hard to think of a gift to give him that he will really enjoy and will be useful. But this year, I have the perfect gift in mind…

Dad’s favorite candy

Hershey’s KISSES has always been Dad’s favorite candy. We took him up to Hershey, PA a few years ago, where we took a trolley tour of the town and got to eat a bunch of KISSES along the way. It was so interesting to learn about Milton Hershey and the generous giving that his company still does to this day.

This year, I’ve decided to get Dad a box of KISSES Deluxe Chocolates as a way of showing him how much we love and thank him for being our family’s stronghold.

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Twice the size of an original KISSES Chocolate, KISSES Deluxe have a creamy chocolate center surrounding a whole roasted hazelnut, finished with delicate crisps and smooth milk chocolate. They are extra decadent candies that show your friends and family how much you care for them.

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To see more ways that other families are saying more this holiday season, be sure to check out the Hershey’s Say More video (and be sure to have some tissues on hand!).

How can you Say More to your family this Christmas?

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2 thoughts on “Say More to Your Loved Ones this Christmas”

  1. blank

    Thanks for sharing some of your personal story in this post, Erin. My parents are divorced, too, and my dad remarried multiple times, which made life “interesting” growing up. I also lived with my dad for a few years after my parents were divorced (there are 6 of us kids and 3 of us lived with my mom and 3 with my dad), and I loved it until he married his third wife. That’s when I went to live with my mom. Then my dad moved to Mexico…

    Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post, and the Hershey’s KISSES Deluxe chocolates look delicious! 🙂

    1. blank

      Divorce can be so hard on little kids. It’s one more reason that my husband and I are extra committed to our marriage (his parents are divorced too)…we want to give our kids the gift of a happy family with a mom and dad. I’m sure you and Ruben feel the same way 🙂

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