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We’ve had our dog Sam for almost 11 years, and he is really a part of our family.  Not only is he cute and cuddly, but our kids adore him, and we feel safer with him in the house.


The kennel vs. a dog sitter

Over the years, when we traveled, we always boarded Sam at our local kennel. It has a great reputation, and seems very clean and well-run, but when it was time for us to leave Sam there, he would fight and try to run after us. Leaving him there was like leaving a frightened child at school for the first time. My husband had to start taking Sam to the kennel before vacations, because I felt so guilty leaving him there.

Most times, we learned that during his stay, he wouldn’t eat and came home a few pounds lighter. He really didn’t like being in a strange place for a week with other strange dogs around him.

Then came the big derecho storm last summer. We had tickets to fly to the west coast to visit family, and reservations at our usual kennel for Sam, but with the storm knocking power out to a large portion of town, the kennel was without power and was forced to close. Not wanting to lose our plane reservations, we called on a dog sitter to come to our house for the week.

Sam had the best time while we were away! He felt more comfortable being in his own home and loved all the attention that the sitter gave him when she came to visit. The sitter left us detailed notes on each visit and I felt better knowing that he had been well taken care of.


Finding a dog sitter makes it easy to find a trustworthy dog sitter in your neighborhood. Each sitter has their own profile, complete with a biography, whether or not they are certified in pet CPR or donates part of their earnings to The Humane Society of the United States.

You can also read reviews by other dog owners who have used that sitter before, which I always find helpful. I also like that the sitter can send you texts and photos while you are away so that you can see your dog having fun 🙂

This summer, I’m using to find a dog sitter for my little Sam so that I can have peace of mind while we’re vacationing!

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    When we used to travel more often we would hire a friend to dog and cat sit for us too. Our dog never liked being in a kennel either.

    This sounds like a great service. Your dog is so cute too.

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