Proactiv Plus Review

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As I move closer to 40, I’m noticing a lot of changes in my appearance…graying hair, more lines around my eyes, hair appearing above my upper lip…you know, all that good stuff! I’ve pretty much come to expect this kind of thing; it comes with the territory of getting older.

But the one thing I did not expect to deal with at this age was acne. Never in a million years did I think that I would have acne and wrinkles all at the same time! It’s pretty unfair, to say the least.

Proactiv Plus Review

How I’ve Handled Acne in the Past

I’ve tried quite a number of acne products over the years, some of which helped for a while, and many that did not. There were times when acne products burned my skin from so many harsh chemical ingredients, and times when my skin just felt plain dry and itchy from all the moisture being stripped out. Rashy breakouts were common too, owing to my sensitive skin.

skin before trying proactiv+

I thought that when I entered my thirties, all my acne problems would disappear, but I continued to struggle with it. After my children were born, I noticed that my upper lip was looking a bit dark, and upon examination, found that I suddenly had a mustache. Months later, my chin was covered in hair as well.

In order to get rid of this new hair growth, I turned to waxing, which I had been doing for my eyebrows for some time. But after every wax session, my lip and chin areas would break out in dozens of white pimples, taking over a week to heal and disappear. I got to a point where I thought it might be better to just grow a mustache and beard because I was so tired of dealing with the extra acne every month.

My results with Proactiv+

When I had the opportunity to try Proactiv+, I was very optimistic that it would work for me. Because the three steps in the system each have acne-fighting medication in them, I knew that this product was going to launch a strong attack against my acne.

I’ve been using the Proactiv+ system for about 4 weeks now, and I am very happy with how my skin looks and feels. Even after two trips to the salon for waxing, I have not had any pimples on my lip or chin, which is a total miracle, let me tell you!

Using the three products–the skin smoothing exfoliator, the pore-targeting treatment, and the complexion perfecting moisturizer–was super easy, and fit into my busy mommy schedule. My favorite product was the exfoliator, because it helped remove the old dry skin cells on the surface of my skin, and left it feeling soft and smooth. I also like the moisturizer because it feels super rich, but isn’t greasy.

I will mention that on the first day of using Proactiv+, my skin felt dry and itchy, and I thought that it was just going to end up being like those old acne products I used to use as a teenager. But after checking the product packaging, I saw that this was a normal result, and that it would clear up in a day or two, which it did.

skin after using proactiv+

My acne will never completely go away…I still have hormones and I use make-up everyday, plus there is dirt and dust in the air when I go outside, so I expect a few pimples here and there. I have seen a few since using Proactiv+, but they are so much fewer in number, and for that I am very, very grateful!

To check out the Proactiv+ system for yourself, head over to the Proactiv+ website, or check out their Facebook and Twitter pages for news and updates.

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    Wow, what a difference!! My husband has been using proactive since 2001 and it helped him tremendously! If he stops using it for few days-the acne comes back… He is happy that he found something that works because he was struggling with acne for many years before that.

  2. blank

    I’m thankful that my acne days are behind me. But it took a lot longer than I thought it would for the acne to go away. I’m so glad to hear you have found a product that works so well for you. Yeah!

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