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Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays of the year…a delicious feast of turkey with all the trimmings, time with family and friends, and a day or two off from school or work…what’s not to love?

While the Thanksgiving holiday can be one of great food and fun, it can also be a time of great anxiety for those of us who have to make the meal! Having to plan and cook for so many people, plus worrying about getting the house clean in time for company, can make any mom think about cancelling the whole day altogether. That’s why I’ve taken to planning my Thanksgiving each year with My Mommy Thanksgiving Planner.

pages inside the My Mommy Thanksgiving Planner

With the 8 pages included in this printable Thanksgiving planner, you can plan your meal, set a guest list, coordinate with guests about what they might bring, schedule your cooking times, and plan your grocery shopping and house cleaning. There’s even a space for you to write down your blessings so that you can remember what the holiday is really about!

Does preparing for Thanksgiving stress you out?

I know that for years, I was always nervous to offer to have our extended family’s Thanksgiving meal at our house because I felt so overwhelmed at all the work that was involved. I never invited friends over to share our meal because I was worried that I might forget to clean something or that one of my dishes would taste terrible.

But over time, I realized that part of making a holiday successful was simple: planning. If I took time to sit down and plan out what dishes I would make, what rooms needed to be cleaned, and what tasks I could do ahead of time to take the pressure off the big day, then the big Thanksgiving feast didn’t seem that overwhelming anymore…and I could actually enjoy it instead of worrying about it. That’s why the My Mommy Thanksgiving Planner is such a great tool.

cover of the My Mommy Thanksgiving Planner

What is included in the My Mommy Thanksgiving Planner?

When you purchase the My Mommy Thanksgiving Planner, you will receive 8 pages to help you plan the day:

  • A menu planner, with grocery list
  • A cooking schedule, which helps you plan when to put your dishes into the oven
  • A recipe list, to plan out which recipes to use, along with the ingredients needed and oven times and temperatures
  • A budget worksheet, to plan the cost of the meal, and any decorations you might need
  • A guest list, with space to write down what dish they might contribute to the meal
  • A home planning worksheet, where you can take note of rooms to clean, what you might need for the table, for decoration and for the kitchen
  • A place to note your blessings from the previous year
  • A comprehensive preparation checklist, that will help you get tasks done in advance so that you don’t have a bunch to do at the last minute.

Plus, you get a matching cover page that brings it all together!

This planner is perfect for tucking into a small binder or school folder, or you can take it to your local Staples or Office Depot to have it put into a binding comb very inexpensively, to make it more like a booklet.

pages inside the My Mommy Thanksgiving planner

I hope the My Mommy Thanksgiving Planner will help you create a Thanksgiving day that is much less stressful and more enjoyable for yourself and your family. Perhaps it will help make this Thanksgiving the best yet!

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