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When I first became a full-time mom and homemaker, well, let’s just say that it wasn’t pretty.

Even though I was home all day long, I couldn’t seem to get it all together…I couldn’t get a shower until late afternoon, my laundry was never done, we ate a lot of take-out, and getting the grocery shopping done before the baby woke up crying was practically impossible.

What I really needed was a mentor…an older, experienced mom who had “been there, done that” and could give me some moms homemaking and organization help so that I figure out how to get through this particularly trying time.

Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t know anyone who had a housekeeping plan, who planned their menus each week, or knew how to make crock pot meals. I had to figure that out all by myself.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work it takes to maintain your home, raise your kids and get a wholesome meal on the table every night, you are not alone. There are thousands of women going through what you are right now, and there are also thousands of women, like me, who have been through it and figured out a better way to organize it all.


One of those ladies is Erin Odom, writer of The Humbled Homemaker. She has created a free video e-course to take you through what she calls the 4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking. The 4 short videos, along with free printable worksheets, help you get a handle on your laundry, dishes, and everything else in control so that you can stop feeling so frazzled all the time.

I SO wish that there had been something like this e-course around when I was a new mom…my life would have been so much easier! It may seem like a little thing, but when you’ve been living with a sink perpetually full of dirty dishes and a never ending laundry pile, getting a handle on them makes you feel so good 🙂

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Head over now to sign up for the course…it only requires your email address. The course will only be available for the next 7 days, so don’t miss it! At the end of the course, you’ll hear about the upcoming Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, which I’m so excited about 🙂

I’ll post more about this next week, but for now, head over and grab your free homemaking e-course!

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