Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

It’s Monday again already? Well, I shouldn’t be surprised after the crazy-busy weekend we had! It seemed to just fly by…

This week should be a bit calmer at our house, so I’m taking the time to make some of my husband’s favorite meals for him. I’m trying out a new-to-me recipe for pork shoulder in the crock-pot, since it will be too hot to turn on the oven for my tried and true pork recipe.

Here’s what’s for dinner at our house this week:

Monday: Chicken cutlets, mashed potatoes, gravy, and veggies

Tuesday: Pork Roast in the crock-pot, potatoes, and veggies

Wednesday: Penne, Sausage, and Broccoli skillet

Thursday: Taco night (with leftover pork)

Friday: Breakfast for dinner

Saturday: Neighborhood BBQ (we’re bringing a fruit salad)

Sunday: Meatballs, rice and green beans

What’s on your menu this week?

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. blank

    Your menu looks good this week. Our weather here has turned hot too. Last week was cold and rainy. This week we are having record heat. Our weather has been so weird. We are having skillet, crockpot and grilled meals this week to help keep the house cool.

    1. blank

      Sounds like the weather we’ve been having lately! Cool, then hot, cool again, then hot again! We haven’t had any rain though, and our grass really needs it. Hope you have a great week Shelly!

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