Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend 🙂 It was sunny here, but the temperature dropped to about freezing and we had a few snow flurries on Saturday. I’m thinking that winter just doesn’t want to leave…

Menu Plan Monday

We are so excited to be on spring break this week…the kids will be home from school and we can have mornings that are a bit more relaxed, which will be so nice 🙂 But this means that I can also take a bit more time to cook in the evenings, since we don’t have any lessons to get to.

I’m going to try out a new recipe for chicken, since I have 4 big packs of chicken breasts in my freezer from a recent sale, and I’ve run out of ideas for preparing it. I found this particular one on Pinterest, and the reviews looked good.

Here’s what’s on our menu this week:

Monday: BBQ Meatballs, noodles, and veggies

BBQ meatballs

Tuesday: Peasant Pasta, salad

Wednesday: Crock Pot Ranch Chicken Tacos, rice and veggies

Thursday: Eat at church

Friday: Breakfast for dinner

Saturday: Eat Out

Sunday: Creamy Sausage Pasta, salad

If you need more ideas for your own menu, check out my post on menu planning tips for busy moms, as well as the Menu Plan Monday link-up over at OrgJunkie.

What’s for dinner at your place this week?

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  1. blank

    I love having meatballs in the freezer. It makes for such a quick and easy dinner. I hope the new chicken recipe turns out good for you. Have a good week with the kids on break.

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