Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

Good Monday morning to you! I hope you had a great weekend 🙂

After a busy birthday week, I’m happy to have a few days of quiet with some delicious home-cooked meals. Here’s what we’re having for dinner this week:

Monday: Spaghetti, Meatballs, veggies

Tuesday: Fried fish, mashed potatoes, veggies

Wednesday: Chicken and Broccoli stir fry, rice

Thursday: Meatloaf with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, veggies

Friday: Breakfast

Saturday Easy Oven Fajitas, rice, veggies

Sunday: Eat Out

What’s on the menu at your house? For more menu inspiration, check out the Menu Plan Monday link-up at Org Junkie.

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  1. blank

    The only reason spaghetti isn’t on my menu this week is that we had it last week in place of a different meal. It’s a favorite around here! Everything on your menu sounds wonderful!

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