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This weekend brought fall weather to our area, in the form of a few cold and rainy days, which were perfect for warm soups and slow cooker meals…so our menu plan is full of them this week!

Get a jump start on your week by making a menu plan!

I made the Tomato Chicken Bisque from the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook last night for dinner and it really just hit the spot. It’s a super easy soup to make and is chock full of healthy ingredients (thank goodness my kids didn’t know about the okra inside!).

This recipe made lots of leftovers, so we’ll be eating it for lunch throughout the week, and I might stick some in the freezer to save for later 🙂

My weight loss is still stalled. It seems I’ve been gaining and losing the same pound over the past few weeks. I have been eating a few more crossovers, however, so that might be the reason. I’m going to try to stick to one this week and see if that helps, as I still have 10 more pounds to lose to get down to my healthy weight range.

As usual, my menu plan is Trim Healthy Mama-friendly. If you aren’t familiar with Trim Healthy Mama, head over to read all about how I became a Trim Healthy Mama and lost 35 pounds in 7 months.

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Eggs, berries (S)
Oatmeal, Triple 000 yogurt, half apple (E)
Scrambled Eggs with cheese, bacon, berries (S)

Leftovers most days
Turkey and cheese in low-carb wrap (S)

Cabb and Saus skillet, deviled eggs (S)
Tomato Chicken Bisque, with grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids (S)
Southwestern Layered Beef Casserole (with on-plan rice), salad (XO)
Pot roast and radishes in the crockpot (S)
Spaghetti with Italian sausage, spaghetti squash (pasta for the kids), broccoli (S)
BLT Fritatta, salad (S)
Eat Out (S)

I’ve taken most of my dinners from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbookblank (affiliate link). We’ve been using this cookbook for practically all our meals for the past few months and we love everything we’ve tried so far.

If you need some inspiration for your own menu plan, check out my past menu plans and the Menu Plan Monday link-up over at Org Junkie. Be sure to grab your free menu planning printable to help make your planning easy.

What’s on your menu this week?

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  1. blank

    The fall weather has definitely settled in here in IL, too. It’s nice, but I do wish it didn’t get dark as early as it does now. And I know things will only get worse with Daylight Savings. Oh, well!

    Your menu looks delicious, as usual, Erin! I hope you and your family have a great week! 🙂

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