Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday! Hope you are all ready for the week with a brand new menu plan 🙂

Get a jump start on your week by making a menu plan!

This week is our last week of school for the year and we have so much do to before it’s over…a big end-of-year reading picnic with a DJ and our end-of-year piano recital are just two of the things we are doing this week, so I’ve tried to choose a few easy dinners that I can make in a hurry so that we can have something to eat before running to our activities.

We’re also getting back into THM hard-core this week, after a couple of weekends of naughty eating. I haven’t been able to weigh myself with the gym closed (our old scale bit the dust a while ago) for the past two weeks, but I don’t think my weight has changed too much, either up or down. Hopefully I didn’t do too much damage with the pizza and donuts I ate this weekend!

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Eggs, berries (S)
Strawberry Big Boy Smoothie (FP)
Oatmeal, cottage cheese, banana (E)
Scrambled Eggs with cheese, sausage, berries (S)

Leftovers most days
Light Progresso Soup, 2 Wasa crackers with light cheese (E)
Turkey sandwich on Easy E Bread, orange (E)

Sloppy Joes (without buns for hubby and me), coleslaw (S)
Taco Chicken Bowls, brown rice (E)
Trim Mac Salad (S)
BLT Fritatta, berries (S)
Grilled Steaks, loaded cauliflower (S)
Lazy Lasagna, broccoli (S)
Eat Out (S)

I’ve taken most of my dinners from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbookblank (affiliate link). We’ve been using this cookbook for practically all our meals for the past few months and we love everything we’ve tried so far.

If you need some inspiration for your own menu plan, check out my past menu plans and the Menu Plan Monday link-up over at Org Junkie. Be sure to grab your free menu planning printable to help make your planning easy.

What’s on your menu this week?

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2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. blank

    My family love sloppy joes, it’s my son’s favorite. The rest of your menu looks delicious too. I hope this week goes well for you and you don’t see much change in the scale from your pizza and doughnuts. We haven’t had doughnuts in a while, I think I need to make some.

    1. blank

      Your oven -baked doughnuts look so good! I would have a hard time saying no to them 🙂

      I feel sort of bad for eating doughnuts, but we hadn’t had them in so long that the kids were super excited to have them for breakfast. It’s funny how simple things like that can make someone so happy.

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