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Good Morning to you….happy Monday! I can’t believe how fast that weekend just whizzed by. Between birthday parties, a hike with the cub scouts and getting the house decorated for fall, I need a rest from the weekend 🙂


We are still going strong on the Trim Healthy Mama plan…my husband has lost 13 pounds and I’m down 9 pounds after 4 weeks on the plan. This weekend I made chocolate waffles and pancakes with bacon for breakfasts and last night we had pizza on a cauliflower/cheese crust, which tasted surprisingly like real pizza crust.

I did a talk on Periscope last week all about the Trim Healthy Mama plan, so if you’re interested in hearing more, you can watch the replay here.

Here’s what THM goodies we’re eating this week:

Eggs with sausage
Chocolate Banana Muffins
Toast with cottage cheese and fruit
Oatmeal with berries and 000 yogurt
Homemade donuts

Leftovers most days
Tuna salad in a low-carb wrap

Tilapia Vera Cruz, brown rice
Egg Roll in a Bowl, broccoli
Chicken Parmy, zucchini noodles, salad
Crabby Patties, salad, green beans
Roasted Chicken, mashed cauliflower, veggies
Bratwurst, sauerkraut, salad
Fooled Ya Pizza, salad

If you need some inspiration for your own menu plan, check out my past menu plans and the Menu Plan Monday link-up over at Org Junkie. Be sure to grab your free menu planning printable to help make your planning easy.

What’s on your menu this week?

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3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday”

  1. blank

    Now egg roll in a bowl sounds fantastic. I love eggrolls, but rolling them all up is tedious! it sounds like a good variation on our standby, stir-fry.

  2. blank

    Your menu looks good and congratulations on the weight loss. I’ve been seeing the scale moving in the right direction this past month with a 3-pound loss. Egg rolls in a bowl sounds really good too.

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