Making Your Child’s Smile Beautiful with the MetLife Tricare Dental Program

Disclosure: I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for the MetLife TRICARE Dental Program. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Last week I took my daughter to the orthodontist to get her first set of braces. I can’t believe we are already at that stage!


Watching her sit in the chair and have her expander put in made me so grateful that my husband and I have the ability to pay for this treatment, so that she can have a beautiful smile when she is older. In case you haven’t checked into it lately, braces cost a lot of money, and without the high-quality dental insurance that my husband receives at work, we might not be able to afford them.

Because she doesn’t have all of her permanent teeth in yet, she is only getting a few brackets on the front teeth, as well as an expander on the top and bottom of her mouth to make it a bit wider for the adult teeth that have yet to come in. So she’ll have the expanders and brackets on for a little less than a year (phase 1), then get a full set of braces when the rest of her teeth come in (phase 2). Each phase costs just under $3,000 (yikes!).

Luckily for us, our dental insurance, similar to the MetLife Tricare Dental Plan that we had when my husband was on active duty, covers about 50% of the cost, bringing our out-of-pocket fees down significantly. Not only is this good news for now, it will be good news for us again when our son has to go through it all.


But having dental insurance just isn’t about making the teeth look good, it’s about keeping them healthy. Active Duty service members who enroll their spouses and children (including stepchildren and adopted children) into the MetLife Tricare Dental Program get these important benefits:

  • Two cleanings and two exams per year at no cost, when a network dentist is seen.
  • Sealants on permanent molars for children though the age of 18, with a 20% co-pay.
  • Orthodontic coverage for children up to the age of 21 or 23 if a full-time student.
  • Space maintainers for patients under the age of 19 (fully covered!).
  • Two topical fluoride applications in a consecutive 12-month period.
  • $1,200 accidental annual maximum per enrollee, and
  • One Athletic Mouth Guard per consecutive 12-month period, with a 50% co-pay.

Having coverage that pays 100% of bi-annual dentist visits will help to ensure that your family’s smiles are kept healthy, strong and pretty, and hopefully prevent any bigger dental work, like fillings or root canals. It has for us so far! (fingers crossed that this winning streak continues!)

Make sure to take advantage of this important benefit, especially since April is the month of the Military Child, by enrolling your whole family in the MetLife Tricare Dental Plan to protect their smiles. For more information, head on over to the MetLife TDP website today!

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4 thoughts on “Making Your Child’s Smile Beautiful with the MetLife Tricare Dental Program”

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    I know regular check-ups on dental care really help. I used to be a dental hygienist and when people didn’t have regular care it took its toll. Having good dental coverage helps making paying for those appoints so much easier.

    1. blank

      I can imagine that you have seen a lot of unhealthy teeth working as a dental hygienist! I once had to go almost 18 months between cleanings because we moved and the new dentist had a 1 year wait to get in…they were surprised at that my teeth were not too bad for having to go that long!

  2. blank

    This sounds like a great dental insurance. I’m still surprised that kids so young get braces these days, even if it isn’t a full set. I wish I’d had braces as a kid and I was thisclose to having them put on when I was 18 years old, but all that fell through. There’s a story behind it, but it’s not for the internet right now. 🙂

    1. blank

      I think it is so that the doctor can make sure the jaw is prepared for the bigger teeth that come in as they get older…at least that’s the reason in our case.

      When I was little, I had to have A LOT of teeth removed because my jaw was just too small to accommodate them all. I asked my daughter’s orthodontist about this, and he said that because she is going to wear an expander, the teeth should come in just fine and she shouldn’t have to have any teeth pulled out.

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