Making Learning Fun with LeapFrog’s LeapReader

I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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As the mom of two small children, one of my top priorities is helping my babies learn to read. I love reading myself, and want to help my kids find a love of reading, so that not only will they have an easier time in school, but will find pleasure in a good story.

Unfortunately, teaching my kids to read hasn’t always been easy. I’m not a trained educator, and it’s been so long since I was in elementary school that sometimes I can’t remember what all the grammatical rules are, let alone what things like word blends are.

Whether or not I want to admit it, I’m also not the most fun mom when it comes to learning. When I sit down with my daughter to help her with homework, it becomes more of a battle than a learning session because we both get frustrated…me because I don’t know how to teach the material in a relatable way, and her because she is unsure of the material.

That’s why I like to find products for my kids that help them learn what they need to know, while making it fun at the same time.

My kids have had LeapFrog products since they were babies. The first toy we purchased was a stuffed Leap doll that sang the alphabet song to our infant daughter. As they grew older, we added LeapFrog’s learning table, the LeapTop computer, the Tag reading system, and the Leapster. Each time, my kids enjoyed using these products, and actually learned something while playing.

LeapFrog makes learning fun!

I was recently offered the opportunity to host a LeapFrog Mommy Party, in which I could share the all new LeapReader with my kids’ friends and their moms.

We invited our friends and their younger siblings over after school this week so that they could see the LeapReader in action and try it out.  After making some fun snacks like “Train Your Brain Trail Mix” and “Ready to Read Roll-Ups,” setting out the LeapReader books, papers and flash cards, we were ready to party!

Fun stories in the LeapReader books

I first demonstrated for the kids how to use the LeapReader to:

  • Read books and play word games
  • Listen to audiobooks
  • Form words using the LeapReader flash cards, and
  • Write letters using the LeapReader paper

After everyone had seen the LeapReader in action, they all wanted to try it out for themselves.  The kids took turns playing with the sample books and practicing letters.  We even had an impromptu dance party using the LeapReader’s music 🙂 The hands-down favorite of the bunch was the 3D Monsters University book with the 3D glasses.

Learning to read and write with LeapFrog

Kids learn to write with LeapReader

It seemed like all the moms at the party were very impressed that the LeapReader now helps their kids learn to write. Most of us were familiar with the older Tag reader that LeapFrog introduced several years ago, but that system didn’t do much to help the kids practice writing. The new system helps kids with reading, as well as listening and writing, which is very impressive.

Learning to write letters with LeapReader

In fact, one of the moms at the party told us that her young preschool-aged son has learned to read at a kindergarten level already just by playing with his older brother’s Tag system. He wasn’t trying to learn to read, and she didn’t think he was old enough to learn yet, but to her surprise, he did learn quite a bit on his own just by playing fun games with the LeapFrog product.

Can you imagine how far ahead he would be if the had learned to write his letters as well, having the LeapReader to guide him?

The LeapReader was a hit!

I think all the party guests had a great time hearing about the new LeapReader and trying it out with all the fun books and games. It looks like a great tool to help children get a jump-start on reading and writing and/or increasing their reading abilities.

If you’d like to check out the LeapReader for yourself, head on over to the LeapFrog website for more information!

Disclosure: I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

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