Learn How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online with BGCA

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One thing I’ve noticed over the years about parenting is that once you finally feel like you’ve got this motherhood thing down, something changes.

When you finally get the hang of nursing, it’s time for solid food.  When you finally figure out the nap schedule, they outgrow naps. Once you finally determine what time of day they show Dora the Explorer, they decide that they are too big for Dora and want to watch something else.

Right now, I’m just coming to realize that we’ll soon be at that stage in which my oldest will want to be online, but unlike the nursing or napping stages, there isn’t a “What to Expect” book for training your kids to go online. We can’t even look back at what our parents did either, because this kind of stuff wasn’t around when we were teenagers.

Although there are so many wonderful things about the internet (like this blog! :)), there are also many scary things that we don’t want our kids to experience…online predators, pornography popping up when you click on the wrong link, or cyber bullying.

That’s why I’m so happy to know that the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) has a new Cyber Safe site for help navigating the way to keep your kids safe online.


The BGCA has everything that a parent needs to know about how to help their children use social media and the internet. You can take a quiz to see how much you know about online teen safety, then read up on subjects like social networks, cyber bullying, and online privacy.

My favorite part of this site is the teen CyberTribe that BGCA, with the help of Sprint, has put together to get real-life knowledge into the hands of parents. This group of real teens answers questions from parents each week about what really goes on between teens and technology.

Do you need to know how the latest social media network works? What if you are unsure of how to approach your teen in talking about cyber bullying? You can submit your questions for the CyberTribe Q&A session and get a real answer from someone who can relate to your child. Best of all, when you submit your question to the CyberTribe, you will be entered to win a iPad Mini and $500 to the Boys and Girls Club of your choice!

We moms may not ever have all the answers to raising kids, but we can rest assured that we have some good resources like the BGCA to help us on this motherhood journey!

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4 thoughts on “Learn How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online with BGCA”

  1. blank

    This sounds like a great resource for parents. My kids are old enough to use the computer, but we do not allow even my 14 and 11 year old to use social media like Facebook and Twitter. In my opinion, Facebook should be for adults. Thanks for sharing this, Erin!

    1. blank

      Yes, I have to agree with you on that Sandra…so many adult-like situations happen on Facebook that teens are just not mature enough to handle. I hope you enjoy the BGCA site!

  2. blank

    My kids use the computer but I limit what they do. My daughter has a G+ account but no FB or Twitter yet. I’m thankful that both of my kids aren’t too interested in the social media sites.
    Thanks for sharing this resource, Erin.

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