Kitchen Organizing Ideas

The kitchen is where families spend a great deal of time together, and it makes sense that it should be one of the most organized rooms in the house, since we use it so often. Unfortunately, because so much goes on in this one room, there is often a lot of stuff in it that needs to be organized, and it can get overwhelming without some great kitchen organizing ideas!

organized kitchen counters and cabinets

The first thing that you want to think about when organizing your kitchen is what actually goes on in there. Food preparation is pretty much a given, but do you write out bills in the kitchen? Do your kids do their homework in the kitchen? Thinking about what goes on in a room will help you determine what systems to have in place and how to organize them more effectively.

Kitchen Office Area

open kitchen cabinet showing office supplies and Sunday Basket

One of the big things that goes on in my kitchen, beside cooking and eating food, is office work. This is pretty much the area where I write my blog posts and work on the back end of my site, as well as keep all of our household bills and other papers.

My friend Lisa over at Organize 365 recommends that you set aside one area of your kitchen to work on those office type tasks that belong to every family. Running a household is very much like running a business, and you need a place to keep all of your bills, kids’ school papers, coupons, and the like organized.

kitchen cabinet with office supplies organized into baskets and binders

I have one cabinet in my kitchen dedicated to office-type things, like coupons, envelopes, staplers, etc. I also keep some of my most-used cookbooks in this cupboard, and our vitamins and medicines.

The vitamins and medicines are stored on the very top shelf, out of reach of our children. I used Sterilite Small Ultra Basketsblank (affiliate link) to contain all of the bottles, which has made finding things so much easier…you just slide a basket out instead of digging through rows of bottles.

Sunday basket full of paper sitting on the kitchen counter

Another idea that I got from Lisa is the idea of a Sunday Basket, which has really made my life so much easier. Basically, whenever a piece of paper comes into my house that is something I need to deal with, I put it in this basket. Then one night a week, usually a Sunday night before we go back to work and school, I go through the basket and deal with all the permission slips, order forms, bills, etc. for the week. Head over to Organize 365 to learn more about the Sunday Basket.

Organizing Food

corner cabinet in the kitchen organized using turntables

In my kitchen, I do not have a pantry, so I must find room in my cabinets to store food. The good news is…I have a few big, roomy corner cabinets. Bad news is…I have a few, big, roomy corner cabinets.

Trying to organize one of these corner cabinets is SO difficult, because you can’t put things in nice, orderly rows, and you are forever digging through your food supplies to get to the things in the back…they were always a mess, and I was never able to organize them until I learned another good trick from Organize 365.

Using an 18-Inch Non-Skid Cabinet Turntableblank (affiliate link) was the answer to my prayers! Now when I’m cooking dinner or packing school lunches, it is so easy to find things…I just turn the shelf!

According to Lisa, most corner cabinets will accommodate an 18-inch turntable, but you should measure your cabinet to make sure. Getting them into the cabinet itself is a bit of a pain, because you have to take out the inside shelf so that you can get the turntable in, but the short inconvenience is totally worth it!

Organizing Kitchen Tools

kitchen silverware drawer organized with sliding tray

Organizing silverware and other cooking utensils is as easy as buying a drawer organizer and filling it in. I recently bought the Totally Bamboo Expandable Utility Drawer Organizerblank (affiliate link) and love it. This one slides in and out to fit the exact dimensions of your drawer, so there is no sliding around every time you open and close the drawer.

pots and pans organized in kitchen cabinet using a pan organizer rack

The one other annoying thing about my kitchen was the one lone cabinet in which I had to store my pots and pans. There was no shelf in this cabinet, so everything was pretty much piled on top of one another, and getting a pan from the bottom of the pile was inconvenient and noisy (lots of crashing going on!).

The best $10 I ever spent was on this Rubbermaid Pan Organizer Rackblank (affiliate link) from Amazon. It’s pretty heavy-duty and study, holds my pans without falling over and makes it easy to slide them in and out of the cabinet. It’s so funny how something so simple can make such a big difference in your life.


When you have a well-organized kitchen, not only do you save time and money not looking for or buying extra things that you already have, but you have such a peace of mind too…all those little annoyances, like fighting with a big pile of pots and pans…makes your life so much easier.

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    At my old house we had a huge lower corner cabinet and it had a turntable, a lazy susan in it and I loved it. They are so nice to have. I also like the pot shelf. I only have one cupboard for my pots and pans too. I’m hoping when we replace our stove, I can get a stove with the drawer in the bottom. I have a drop in stove right now so there is no storage below it.

    I have a basket in our garage to put all the mail in until I can get to sorting it too. It’s so nice not to have it all over the place.

    I love all the great ideas in this post.

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