Keeping Kids Healthy in the Winter

There are so many things I love about Winter…crisp air, bare trees, cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and a book, and playing in the snow are just a few of my favorites.

But along with the cold temperatures comes a not-so-fun thing: getting sick.

It seems like my family gets sick more often in the winter than during any other season of the year. And there’s good reason for it…stuck inside most of the day, we are in close contact with germs and they just like to set up shop in our bodies and go to work, making us miserable.

Taking care of sick kids in the winter is no fun. Use these tips on preventing sickness in kids to keep your kids healthy all throughout the winter.

My first few winters as a mom were hard. As soon as one of us would get over a cold, it seemed almost guaranteed that the others would show symptoms the next day. One year, my son had 4 ear infections back to back…it seemed like we would just finish the pink antibiotics and 2 or 3 days later he would wake up crying from terrible ear pain.

Over time, however, I learned a few tips on how I could help prevent cold and flu in my family. Now, I’m definitely not a doctor, but I have picked up several tips from them over the years that have really helped all of us stay healthy during the winter, and I thought you might be interested in hearing about them, especially if you are a new mom 🙂

4 Ways I Keep My Kids Healthy in the Winter

  1. Hand Washing.  This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it is very helpful at keeping germs at bay.  My little guy is a thumb-sucker, and I shudder to think of how many germs has put into his mouth over the years, especially when he was a crawling. Reminding him to wash his hands often, especially before meal times, has helped him stay healthy.  At my daughter’s school, the aides give all the kids a squirt of hand sanitizer before they go into lunch, since they can’t get all 60 kids into the bathrooms at once to wash up.
  2. Multivitamins. My kids take a child’s multivitamin every morning, right after breakfast. Although they are getting better at eating a balanced diet, sometimes they refuse to eat all the fruit and vegetables I serve them each day. Taking a vitamin helps fill in the gaps.
  3. Extra vitamin C and D. On the advice of my chiropractor and the kids’ pediatrician, I give my kids an additional supplement of vitamins C and D to help their immune systems. I’ve tried several different brands over the years, but right now, they are taking this one (affiliate link).
  4. Elderberry syrup.  My chiropractor recommended this to me the year that my son had so many ear infections.  It helps my kids recover from a cold in no time.  You can also give it to your children daily, as a preventative  measure.  It tastes really good too, so I don’t usually get any resistance when it’s time to take it 🙂  We prefer this brand (affiliate link), but have also used the Vitacost brand, and that was great as well.

So far this year, (knock on wood!) no one in our family has been sick…for the first time in years!  I’m so thankful for these remedies, and I hope that they continue to keep us healthy 🙂

Do you have any helpful tips on keeping kids healthy during the winter?

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8 thoughts on “Keeping Kids Healthy in the Winter”

  1. blank

    At our house we do similar things as you do for your family. We also use Zicam at the first sign of any illness to nip it in the bud. We also use a vaporizer in the winter too. So glad you all have stayed well this year.

    1. blank

      My husband used to use Zicam and it seemed to help a lot. I should try a vaporizer…it gets so dry in our house sometimes in the winter that we all have staticky hair and dry skin. Thanks for the tip!

  2. blank

    Those are great tips! I will have to look into the Elderberry syrup. One other thing that I try to do is make sure we all get enough rest which can be challenging around the holidays. I’ve noticed if we don’t get enough rest, then we’re more likely to get the latest bug going around.

  3. blank

    We are a little nuts about hand washing in our house. But the one thing that we haven’t tried is the Elderberry syrup. I am going to check into getting some the next time I am in town at the store. Thanks for the helpful hints on staying well this winter, especially during flu season. I am glad that you have all stayed well.

    1. blank

      I bet you have to wash your hands quite a bit to help keep David safe from germs. All of your kids will have a good habit of hand washing in the future 🙂

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