Introducing Grocery University (plus a special sale!)

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I’m so excited about this brand new product from one of my favorite bloggers, Crystal of!

Over the past few years, I have learned so much about homemaking and budgeting from Crystal’s site. In fact, many of our favorite meals have come from her blog, and I can’t tell you how much we have saved on groceries by following her tips and advice.


Now Crystal is launching Grocery University, a program specially designed to teach moms how to get the most bang for their buck at the grocery store.

Grocery University is an audio course that you can listen to on your computer, iPod (or other MP3 player). In a little over 2 hours, you can learn what you need to know to keep your grocery budget super low, while still feeding your family well.

In addition to the audio files, when you purchase Grocery University, you will also receive a 40-page workbook (PDF) and a valuable price database (which I think is an awesome bonus!).

Usually this course runs $9.97, but because tomorrow, August 19th, is launch day, Crystal is offering special pricing for one day only:

5 a.m. CT – the sale starts with the low price of $2.97

8 a.m. CT – price goes up to $3.97

11 a.m. CT – price goes up to $4.97

2 p.m. CT – price goes up to $5.97

5 p.m. CT – price goes up to $6.97

8 p.m. CT – price goes up to $7.97

11 p.m. CT – price goes up to $8.97

So, the earlier you buy, the less you pay 🙂

I know that it might seem a little contradictory to pay for a class in order to save money on groceries, but I really do think that this is worth your hard-earned dollars. Here’s why:

  • There is no one else who knows more about saving money on groceries than Money Saving Mom!
  • All the information you need is packed into one place…you’ll save hours combing through blog posts looking for tips on using coupons and deals
  • Instead using trial and error to save at the store, you can follow Crystal’s tips to start saving on groceries right away.

With my experience in using Crystal’s tips at saving on groceries, I would bet that you would save more than enough on your first shopping trip to cover the cost of the course…and then some!

Head on over to Grocery University first thing tomorrow to snag the best price on this new course. You will be so happy you did 🙂

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