How to save money on eating out

If you are anything like us, you love to eat out!  We eat out waaaayyyy too often…spending too much of my husband’s hard-earned salary on something that we don’t even get to keep around (unless you take into consideration the fact that brownies go straight to my thighs…but that’s another post).

I recently came across the new e-book Mom’s Dining Out Deals by Melissa Batai of, in which she shows you how to save on eating out.  I immediately thought…this is the book I’ve been waiting for!

Look at some of the topics that she covers in this book:


Chapter One: Save with Coupons and Deal Sites

Chapter Two: Save with Credit Cards and Gift Cards

Chapter Three: Save with Programs for Kids

Chapter Four: What to Order to Save without Coupons or Deals

Chapter Five: When to Order to Save Without Coupons or Deals

Chapter Six: Other Ways to Save

Chapter Seven: Combining Strategies for Maximum Savings

Chapter Eight: Traveling

Chapter Nine: Festivals


Quick Reference Guide

What a helpful resource for a family trying to stick to a budget!  I know this book will save my family a ton of money…and we might be able to eat out without feeling so guilty that we are spending an arm and a leg on a nice meal.

In exchange for letting my readers know about this book, Melissa has offered to give me a free copy so I can check out all of her great advice!  If you are interested in your own copy, head on over to Mom’s Plans and check it out!

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