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When it comes to organizing, it seems like there are easy things to organize and hard things to organize. Kitchen cupboards? Easy. Bedroom closet? Easy. Kids’ toys? Hard. Learning how to organize toys can take a long time, just because there are so many different kinds, not to mention the fact that new ones appear every birthday and Christmas (at the very least).

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It seems like decluttering and organizing my kids toys is a never-ending job. Over the years, their likes and dislikes have changed, and the need for different storage systems change with them. I never feel like I have a real handle on the toy organization in my home.

But gratefully, there are so many other people online that have great solutions for organizing dolls, LEGOs, puzzles, books and all the other things that kids like to play with. I’ve found 7 great organizing videos from moms with clever ideas on how to organize toys in the home.

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Toy Organization Hacks

This awesome video from What’s Up Moms is chock-full of great toy organizing hacks! I love how they try to make they toys easily accessible to littles, while keeping everything organized at the same time.

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Hanging shoe organizer for dolls
Coffee pod carousel for play dough
Pencil bags for puzzle pieces
Cookie sheet rack for wooden puzzles
Plastic spice rack for play kitchen storage
Hanging Closet Organizer for board games
Picture ledges for toy cars
Clear sheets for binders for toy instruction booklets
Tool box for LEGO pieces
Clip boards for art work
Rolling suitcase for dress-up clothes

How to Organize LEGOs

As almost any mom has experienced, LEGOs can go wall-to-wall in almost no time. And because they can be so tiny, it’s easy to miss picking them all up…just ask anyone who has stepped on one in the dark!

This mom’s great tip for storing LEGOs and the instruction booklets is practically genius!

Products mentioned in this video:
Hanging shoe organizer
Clear sheets for binders

How to Organize Dolls and Doll Clothes

My daughter has several different types of dolls and the corresponding doll clothes, making them especially hard to organize.

But then I found this doll organization video and that all changed! The idea of storing doll clothes inside a binder had never occurred to me, but is brilliant!

I showed this video to my daughter and her friends, who were over for a play date, and they immediately went to work making doll scenes out of scrapbook paper and folders. They brought binders and plastic inserts over the next day and chatted while organizing their doll clothes 🙂

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Plastic binder inserts (single page)
Coupon binder inserts

Toy Rotation and Organization

Having toys spread across the rooms of your home can make it feel like toy clutter is EVERYWHERE (because it is ;)). This mom’s idea to rotate toys in and out of storage not only makes for less toy clutter, but it also helps your kids feel like they get new toys every few weeks!

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Clear storage bins
Storage bags

Cheap Toy Organizing Tips

Organizing containers are great for keeping little pieces together, but they can be really expensive…especially if you need a lot of them!

This mom tells us how she organizes her kids’ toys using things she already has around the house, like old formula containers or zipper bags. She uses the toy rotation technique that we saw in the previous video, but goes into more detail on how to put that into use.

Board Game and Puzzle Organizing Tip

Our family LOVES playing board games! Unfortunately, we don’t love trying to organize them. Every box is a different shape and size, and it’s hard for the kids to get out a game when it’s sitting under a big stack of other games.

This quick game organizing hack makes it easy to see all the games that you have, plus it allows the kids to grab a game more easily.

Product mentioned in this video:
Hanging closet organizer

How to Organize Kids’ Books

Finding a good way to organize kids’ books that still allows them to see each cover and put them away easily (especially for little ones…) is a bit of a challenge.

This professional organizer mom tells us about a great kid-friendly book storage piece that allows kids to see the covers of their books and makes it easy for them to put the books back when they’re done reading…without having to deal with a row of books that keep falling down, like on a normal bookshelf.

Product mentioned in this video:
Tot tutors book rack

toys piled on a table

With all these great tips from other online moms, we’ll learn how to organize toys in no time, and enjoy our clutter-free homes!

What is your favorite toy organizing tip?

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