How to Make Bathroom Cleaning Fun (Really!)

Does anyone really love to clean the bathroom? No, I didn’t think so 😉

When I was little, my mom used to make up games to make it more fun. “Let’s see if you can get all these towels folded in two minutes. Go!” Then I’d rush to get everything done before the timer ran out.

Nowadays, no one claps and cheers when we finish folding towels or scrubbing the sink. But there’s no reason we can’t still make bathroom cleaning a little more enjoyable! Are you with me?

free-standing bathtub with a white towel and rubber Duckie draped over the edge, near a window

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How to make bathroom cleaning fun

Make it a game

Cleaning the bathroom always feels like it takes forever, but you’d be surprised how little time tasks actually take. I like to set a timer like my mom used to do and see how quickly I can complete each task.

For example, it only takes one minute to wipe down the counters and sink — and makes a huge difference in how clean our bathroom feels. Who knew?

Buy cleaners that smell fantastic

Nice smelling cleaners go a long way toward making the bathroom cleaning experience more pleasant. I actually look forward to using this Mrs. Meyer’s tub & tile cleaner — it cleans effortlessly and smells so fresh!

I’m using the lemon verbena scent right now, but I’m looking forward to trying the lavender next time around. The best part is there are no harsh fumes, so I don’t have to hold my breath while I’m scrubbing the bathtub.

bathroom cleaners and sponges sitting near bathroom sink

Squeeze in a workout

We all know there aren’t enough hours in the day. So why not combine a few of tasks on your to-do list? Even though the bathroom is a small space, you can really work up a sweat.

I like to see how many steps I get while carrying towels to the laundry room and taking out the trash. Plus, I do a few squats and lunges while I’m washing the floors and tub.

Clean while you’re in the shower

I love hot showers and could spend all day in there. So while I’m enjoying the water, I give the shower walls and glass a quick scrub down to keep them shiny. It makes cleaning the bathroom a lot less painful (and is a pretty productive use of water!).

I stash my Mrs. Meyer’s tub & tile and Grove Collaborative scrubber sponge on the ledge in my shower as a reminder. The Grove sponges are perfect because the non-abrasive scouring side gets into the grout while the soft side gets the glass squeaky clean.

Listen to an audiobook or a podcast

Playlists are a great way to pump yourself up when you’re cleaning. But lately I’ve discovered that listening to audiobooks while I’m cleaning is a great way to catch up on reading that I wouldn’t otherwise have time for. I usually get so engrossed in my page-turner that the time flies by.

Podcasts are another fun way to make cleaning time just fly by. I’ve learned so much from listening to experts talk about motherhood, parenting, faith and business while doing my household chores 🙂

Treat yourself

Beautiful soaps, hand lotion, or a bouquet of flowers are a nice reward for all your hard work. The Mrs. Meyer’s soaps and lotions are a super luxurious treat — no artificial scents here, just essential oils!

bottle of Mrs. Meyers hand lotion sitting near the kitchen sink

I keep my Mrs. Meyer’s lemon verbena scented lotion (can you sense a pattern here?) next to the kitchen sink for easy reach. My hands are always so dry after doing the dishes!

Bonus tip: Speaking of ways to make cleaning more fun, skip the grocery store and stock up on supplies from Grove Collaborative instead. Grove delivers the best natural household products from Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs. Meyer’s and more right to your door, on your schedule.

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  1. blank

    I only clean the shower while I’m in the shower. It’s so much easier and it gets done so much more often too. We love Mrs. Meyer’s products too. They smell so good.

    1. blank

      That’s the best way to clean the shower! I think you can reach all the walls of the shower better when you’re standing in the middle of it, rather than trying to stand outside. 🙂

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