How to Create a Routine That Will Make You Want to Clean The House

Whether you dread cleaning your house or only think of it as a boring chore, the reality is that house cleaning is necessary if you want to live in an orderly, fresh-smelling place that you can relax in.

But housework doesn’t have to be something that you routinely procrastinate on! Once you get into a good routine that works with your personality, tidying up the house will be a breeze.

Learn how to make a realistic cleaning schedule so that you can easily reach your goal of making a nice home for yourself and your family and still have time to do the things you love.

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Where do I start when cleaning my house?

To get started with a plan that makes you actually want to clean, you’ll need to do two things: gather up the necessary cleaning supplies, and take the time to clear the clutter out of the spaces that you are going to clean.

Start with the right cleaning supplies

Trying to clean when you don’t have the right tools can be really frustrating! So make sure that you have your favorite kinds of scrubbing brushes, cleaning cloths, and other tools on hand so that your cleaning job goes more smoothly.

These tools are the ones I personally use in cleaning my home and recommend to others:

But you need more than cleaning tools to get the job done…you also need the right cleaning supplies, such as toilet bowl cleaner, disinfecting spray, and scouring powder.

The easiest way to get good quality cleaning supplies that are also good for the environment is to use Grove Collaborative. Grove sends cleaning and other household supplies directly to your doorstep every month at prices that are comparable or better than what you can find at your local store.

I like using Grove because I don’t have to make a special trip to the store for my favorite cleaning products–they are already at my house when I’m ready to clean. And as a mom of young children, I appreciate that their products are safe to use around kids.

Clearing the clutter so you can can clean

It’s really hard to clean a space in your house that is cluttered–you have to move everything, then clean the space, then try to put everything back.

An easier way to go about cleaning is to eliminate the clutter for good. While this may take some time, being clutter-free makes cleaning easier and faster.

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When you have your cleaning supplies ready to go, and have all the clutter cleared, it’s time to start thinking about the tasks you need to take on daily, weekly and monthly or quarterly.

What should I clean everyday?

Everyday cleaning tasks are really just jobs that keep the dirt and mess away. They don’t do much to really tackle the existing dirt and grime, but keep it from accumulating and make the house look tidy.

Daily cleaning tasks look like picking up any clutter, making beds and hanging up any clothes that need to be put away.

It’s also a good idea to clean up the kitchen every day. Clearing the sink of dishes, wiping down the countertops and kitchen table, and sweeping can keep your kitchen looking neat.

You might also consider adding a load or two of laundry to your daily cleaning schedule, depending on how large your family is. If you can keep your loads of laundry down to just one or two a day, it makes it a much easier job of it.


What should I clean weekly?

Weekly cleaning tasks take a bit longer to perform because you are really the time to deep clean the common areas of your home to rid them of dirt and dust.

You can find links to step-by-step directions on cleaning these things in my How to Clean a House post.

In the kitchen, you’ll want to wipe down your appliances, including the microwave, and clear out old or expired food from the refrigerator.

You’ll probably want to tackle the bathrooms, including the toilet and bathtub and/or shower, as well as cleaning the floors, vacuuming and dusting the furniture.

It’s also a good idea to change your bedding on a weekly basis, washing your sheets and putting fresh ones back on the bed. I like to rotate between two sets of sheets so that I can make the bed right away while the dirty sheets are in the washer.

In addition to these regular weekly tasks, there are items in your home that you need to clean, but only on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

What else do I need to clean?

When planning out your cleaning schedule, you’ll want to make sure to include some things that only need to be done once in a while.

On a monthly basis, you’ll want to wipe out the inside of your refrigerator with hot, soapy water, and possibly clean the inside of your oven and dishwasher.

While you’re in the kitchen, you can do a good cleaning of your coffee maker too.

Blinds become dirty over time and need to be dusted every month or once a quarter (every 3 months). Lampshades are also a collector of dust and can be cleaned at the same time as the blinds.

Bedding items, such as comforters, mattress pads and pillows need to be washed every 3 months or so (or more often if they become soiled).

Thinking on a yearly basis, it’s a good idea to steam clean your carpets annually and tackle cleaning all the windows, inside and out.

With so many household cleaning tasks to be done, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of tackling them all. That’s when a few tricks to motivate yourself can come in handy.

container of disposable cleaning wipes.

>>Check out the FREE printable download at the bottom of this post!

How do I motivate myself to clean?

If cleaning is not something that you look forward to doing, it can be hard to stay motivated to get it done. What are some ideas that you can use to spark some excitement about cleaning?

Firstly, just having a set schedule for cleaning can make it feel a lot less overwhelming. Aby Garvey, a productivity expert, says this about cleaning routines:

A whole-home cleaning schedule allows you to feel less stressed because you know that neat and tidy isn’t ever too far out of reach. If you notice dusty bookcases on Tuesday, for example, and you know that Wednesday is your cleaning day, it’s a lot less unsettling than if you have no idea when you’ll get around to cleaning again.

It’s also important to know your “cleaning personality”. Are you someone who likes to get all the cleaning done in one day per week, but take 2-3 hours to get it all done? Or would you rather clean one or two rooms per day?

Knowing your preference for spending time cleaning will make it a lot easier on yourself, because you are working with your natural tendencies, not working against them.

Lastly, try a few tricks to distract yourself from the cleaning itself. Put on fun music while cleaning so that the time passes faster. Bargain with yourself that you’ll treat yourself to a fancy coffee if you get all your cleaning done. Or invite a group of friends over for dinner, which will force you to get the cleaning done before they arrive.

Now that you know what to clean, when to clean it, and have ideas to keep yourself motivated, it’s time to put together your very own cleaning schedule.


How to make a simple cleaning routine

To create your own cleaning schedule, simply take into consideration what you need to clean on a daily/weekly/monthly or longer basis and write these tasks down.

Then decide how to tackle these jobs: will you deep clean one room each day of the week in addition to your daily cleaning chores? Or will you do all the deep cleaning on only one day of the week, leaving only the few daily chores to do the rest of the time?

In order to make it easier for you to create your own cleaning routine, I’ve created daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual cleaning worksheets for you to download and print. You can find them at the bottom of this post.

It’s so helpful to leave these lists in a place where you can see them easily, so that you can ensure that the tasks are getting done.

Now you have all the information needed to make your realistic cleaning schedule: you know what tools and supplies to use, you know what to clean, you know when you want to do the cleaning, and you have a set of printable lists to help you organize your cleaning tasks.


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