The How to Create a Monthly Household Budget PDF Guide displayed on a tablet, on a desk with pencils, notebooks, reading glasses and a potted plant.

Are you tired of running through your money every month?

Do you spend through your whole paycheck each month, but have nothing to show for it?

Have you had enough worrying over whether or not you’ll be able to pay your bills when they’re due?

Tired of being scared that your bank card will be declined while you’re buying groceries for your family?

Take control of your household budget with the help of The How to Create a Monthly Household Budget PDF Guide.

What is the key to a successful budget?

The best way to get your family on solid financial footing is to keep track of your money each and every month. And the most successful way to do that is to write down all your spending on paper each and every month.

Why write it down? Well, when we write all our spending down, we can make a decision on where it gets spent, instead of it just randomly leaving our checking account.

That helps us to ensure that we always have enough money to cover essentials, like groceries, rent and utilities. It also makes sure we get our bills paid on time, and hit savings goals for things that we want to buy in the future, like new cars or family vacations.

That’s why using a Household Budget is the best way to get your money organized, and never have to worry that you don’t have enough to cover the important things ever again!

This 10-page guide walks you through exactly how to make a household budget for the first time. It shows you what should be included in that budget, and helps you to think about those unexpected expenses that come up from time to time, and be ready for them.

Imagine never having to pay late fees again because you can ensure that you have the money for your bills….or never worrying whether or not your bank card will be declined at the store, because you have the money already budgeted for that purchase.

You would be less frazzled, and have more time to spend having fun with your family instead of worrying over easily-prevented problems.

What’s in the Household Budget Guide?


Step by step guide on how to create a budget

Helps you determine what should go into each of your spending categories, and how to set financial goals.

The Household Budget PDF Guide displayed on a tablet, next to a pencil, notepad and pair of glasses.

Reminders of once in a while spending

Budgets can be broken by those every-now-and-then expenses. This guide helps jog your memory so you don’t have any surprises.

Copy of the Household Budget Guide on a pink table next to two gray pencils.

Printable monthly budget form

Use this simple, single-page form to keep track of your monthly budget. Includes area to keep track of special savings goals.

In the back of this helpful guide is a printable budget form that you can use over and over again to make your spending plan each month.

This form can then be hung up on the refrigerator or other prominent place in your home as a reminder of your dedication to your spending limits.

In other words, when you see that budget every time you walk into the room…rather than having to pull it up on an app…you are more likely to stick to that budget, and win with your money!

Three pages from the How to Create a Monthly Household Budget PDF Guide displayed on a pink background.

People often believe that having to stick to a budget is unfair or limits their ability to have what they want. But in reality, a budget gives you the freedom to spend without worry, because you know that you won’t mess up your whole plan when you stick to the boundary that you’ve.

And the real freedom comes later, when you have built up your savings and have eliminated financial worry from your life. You become free from money problems!

Start planning your family’s financial future today with this Household Budget Guide…you (and your family) will be so glad you did!