How Busy Moms Can Fit In Exercise

We all know that staying healthy is important, especially after becoming a parent, but exercise motivation is hard for some moms to come by, especially if they are busy.

Despite our full schedules, however, busy moms can and should fit some sort of exercise into their calendars, because doing so is not only good for our health, but because exercise can also help us to be better moms.

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So how do you fit in exercise among all the other activities on your calendar? It’s all about juggling your schedule around and maybe changing up some of your expectations.

Exercising as a mom might not always look like a perfectly organized class time or working through that perfect number of reps without any interruptions.

It may look like sacrificing a little bit of sleep or giving up that quiet cup of coffee in front of the TV during nap time.

But it’s important to fit exercise into your schedule somehow…because you will feel better and be healthier in the long run, which is very important to your kids.

Here are some tips for busy moms to fit in exercise:

Get up early

This technique for fitting more exercise into your schedule may not work so well if you have a very young baby that is still waking up several times a night, but for those of us who are lucky enough to get a full night’s sleep, it may be the only way to fit in some fitness time.

Getting up 30 minutes to an hour before your kids wake up will allow you to fit in a short run, do a workout video, or practice some yoga without any interruptions.

Exercising in the morning can also give you that boost of endorphins that can help you feel happier during the day.

If you’re lucky, you can fit in a quick shower too, giving you a feeling of accomplishment right at the beginning of the day. 🙂

Exercise during naptime

I think most moms think of naptime as a chance to be able to sit down and rest for an hour…to take a much needed break from chasing the kids around.

But this could be a good time to sneak in a different type of me time…by taking the opportunity to do something good for your body.

If you have space in your home that will enable you to turn on a workout video or lift some hand weights without waking up your napping toddler, take this time to fit in your exercise for the day.

When my oldest was very young, I would put her down for her morning nap, and then turn on a workout video while she slept for 30 minutes. Sometimes I could sneak in a quick shower afterwards if she slept long enough!

Exercise after the kids go to bed

Depending on what time your kids go to bed each night, you may be able to fit in a few minutes of exercise before you turn in for the night.

This method didn’t work too well for me, however, because I was usually so exhausted at the end of the day that I could barely get my own teeth brushed before bed, let alone run for half an hour or go through a weight lifting routine.

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Exercise with your kids

Nothing says that you have to do a particular workout routine or do a set number of push-ups or crunches. Just get outside and play with your kids…run around with them at the park, take a long walk with them while pushing them in the stroller, let them sit beside you on the floor while you do some yoga.

Not only are you getting in some exercise, but you are also setting a good example for them to follow as they get older!

Join a gym that offers child care

When my second baby came along, I didn’t have the luxury of getting a workout in while he slept…his naps lasted about 15 minutes, which was barely enough time for me to change into some exercise clothes and find my video.

After many months of frustration, we ended up joining our local gym, which offered up to 2 hours of child care while parents used the facility.

Not only did I get the chance to start going to live group fitness classes, but my kids had so much fun playing for an hour or so. The gym’s kid’s room had all kinds of fun, new-to-them toys and games that my kids loved, and the staff often organized games and art projects for them.

Getting your exercise in my seem like a big hassle, and not worth worrying about. But I promise that if you stick to some sort of exercise routine, not only will you feel better physically, but you will also feel better mentally, which goes a long way towards being a good mom to your kids.

How do you fit in exercise?

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6 thoughts on “How Busy Moms Can Fit In Exercise”

  1. blank

    These are all great suggestions, Erin! We’re big fans of exercising together as a family when we can. I also loved it when we had a treadmill for years because that made exercising at home super easy. We know we want to get another treadmill someday…maybe next year if it’s in the budget. We’ll see. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. blank

    I’ve been fitting in exercise by walking the dog each day. Our dog has a lot of energy and so I walk her every day. She likes it as long as it’s not raining. It drains the dog’s energy so she behaves better and I get exercise in each day.

    Love your tips.

    1. blank

      Absolutely! You should be very proud of those 15 minutes…I know it seems like a small amount, but it is doing great things for your health.

      Keep up the good work Amanda!!

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