Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for Kids eBook

Do you ever run out of run out of healthy lunchbox ideas for kids to take to school?

Do you feel like you are packing the same old foods in your kids’ lunch all the time?

Are your kids bringing home their lunch boxes with only half the food eaten?

I struggle with all 3 of these questions during the school year…because packing healthy school lunches for kids can be a real challenge!

The school lunch struggle

It seems like putting together a healthy lunch for your kids every day would be pretty easy, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

Some of the things that I go through during the school year are:

  • my kids complaining that I pack them the same boring sandwiches all the time
  • me finding half their lunch uneaten because they didn’t like what I put in their lunchbox that day
  • kids so hungry when they come home from school that they gorge on junky snack food…because they never ate all their food at lunch time

Can you relate?

I’d say that the majority of moms want their kids to eat healthfully, especially when they are at school and need to be able to have the energy and nutrition to be able to focus on their school work.

When kids can’t…or won’t… eat a nutritious lunch, not only can it harm their ability to concentrate on their learning, but it can affect their health as well.

I know that for years, I’ve tried to pack healthy fruits and veggies, some sort of protein and some sort of dairy product in my kids’ lunches, to try to balance what nutrients they are getting, but I think that over time, they have become really tired of them, and now don’t even want to look at a yogurt cup, much less eat one.

That’s why I set about to discover some new healthy lunchbox ideas for kids that they will actually want to eat, and packed them into my new eBook, Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for Kids.

healthy lunch box ideas for kids ebook on an iPad.

Packing healthy lunches when you don’t have time

But what if you don’t think you have a lot of time to worry about lunches?

Although we all want to pack good lunches for our kids, we don’t all have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen, cooking and baking for lunches.

It’s enough just to get dinner on the table each night!

Thankfully, packing nutritious lunches doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of time in front of the stove. With some smart shopping, organizing tips, and help from your kids you can have some healthy lunches ready to send out to school everyday.

I show you how in this eBook!

What is included in the Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for Kids eBook?

When you purchase the Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for Kids eBook, you will receive a 17-pages of advice on packing healthy lunches, including guides on:

  • How to pack school lunches that your kids will actually eat
  • Simple tips to get organized and make fixing lunches easier
  • Packing hot lunches for the first cool fall days
  • Getting creative with bento lunches
  • Mixing it up with different lunch foods
  • and 5 easy make-ahead recipes!

All for a small fee of $2.99!

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids eBook
Tips and recipes for moms to use to pack healthy school lunches for their kids.
Price: $2.99

Make this school year the easiest one yet and eliminate the school lunch struggle using the tips in this eBook. You’ll be so glad you did!

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    We don’t have to pack school lunches at our house because we homeschool, but I still need to come up with lunch ideas each day. It can be hard thanks for sharing about your book, I’m sure it will help moms with great lunch ideas for the kids.

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