Good Summer Reads: The Mom Walk by Sally Clarkson

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Welcome back to my Good Summer Reads series!  (Catch up on the other posts in this series here.)

If you are a regular reader here at My Mommy World, you might have noticed that I usually choose books to read (in my weekly goals posts) that will help me develop personally…as a Christian, a wife and a mother. I am always striving to be a better person to the people I love the most.

Being a good mom

To me, being a mom is the most important job in the world, and I want to be the best mommy I can. Obviously, I am not perfect at mothering, no matter how much I strive to be, so in addition to prayer for guidance, I seek out good books about parenting to help me along my journey.

Meeting Sally Clarkson

Last fall, I attended the Allume conference in order to learn more about blogging. At that point, I had only been blogging for about 6-7 months, and I thought that going to a blogging conference would help accelerate my learning.

Luckily for me, Allume was within driving distance of our home, and my husband graciously said I could go. We even planned for him to bring the kids up on the weekend so that we could stay an extra night and have some family time away from home.

With much excitement, I drove up to the conference hotel all alone. After checking in, I went up to my room to wait for the opening dinner to start and to look at all the “swag” I had been given. Among the items was an Allume t-shirt that I had ordered in advance. It was the correct size, but the shirts must have run small, because it was way too tight. I decided to run downstairs and see if I could exchange it for a larger size.

After a short wait for the elevator, the doors opened, and I stepped inside to join a fashionably-dressed woman, whom I recognized to be one of the keynote speakers of the conference: Sally Clarkson.

A chance of a lifetime…missed

I have to admit, at that time, I wasn’t really familiar with Sally or her books. I didn’t even know what she was to speak about at the conference.

She was very friendly to me, and in my timidness, I told her about my dilemma with the shirt. She wished me a good evening as we exited the elevator and I felt like an idiot for not knowing anything about her 🙁

blankFast forward a couple of days, and I had a copy of The Mom Walkblank (affiliate link) in my luggage to take home. After an inspirational keynote at Allume, I was one of Sally Clarkson’s newest fans.

Mentoring for moms

Through her books, Sally has become almost like a mentor to me. Coming from a background in which I was not taken to church or taught about prayer, quiet time or the importance of reading God’s Word, I quite often feel like I am failing my children, since I am just learning these things myself.

In The Mom Walk, the reader will find instruction on walking her own PATH as a mother:

P – purpose
A – assurance
T – trust
H – heart

Sally’s gentle words of encouragement and very relatable stories of her own journey through motherhood have been such a help to me! She has taught me to make my home a haven for my family, to rely on the Lord for help and guidance, and the importance of relationships, not only with my children, but also with other mothers and friends.

A must read

If you need encouragement on this voyage we call motherhood, I would heartily recommend The Mom Walk or any of Sally’s books to you! So many of us live far from our families, or perhaps have families that do not support a Christian lifestyle and are in special need of inspiration.

If you would like to know more about Sally Clarkson, check out her websites I Take Joy or Mom Heart.

How do you find encouragement as a mom?

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4 thoughts on “Good Summer Reads: The Mom Walk by Sally Clarkson”

  1. blank

    I find encouragement in my great aunt, she is such a great woman, my mom and grandma died well before my kids were born and she has a very special place in my heart. She is a great encouragement and strong in her faith even though she has had to say goodbye to her daughter and husband from cancer.

    I also find encouragement in my friends and ladies at church, who have been there and done that. Being a mom is such a challenge and being the mom you want to be takes a lot of help and prayer. Thanks for sharing about this book.

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