Getting Started with Coupons: Where to Get Coupons

If you are going to start using coupons, your first question would probably be…where can I find coupons to use?

The first and most obvious place to find coupons is your Sunday newspaper.  On most Sundays, newspapers all around the country include one or more coupon inserts.  These inserts are probably the best source for saving at the grocery or drug store because they contain so many coupons!

You can also get coupons from a variety of different places that may not seem so obvious.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Facebook–Did you know that many companies offer exclusive coupons on their Facebook pages?  If you are interested in receiving coupons from companies whose products you use, Like their Facebook page, and you may find that they offer a coupon for one or more of their products.
  • Free Samples–When you sign up for free samples of new products, many times they will send you a coupon along with your sample.  You can follow sites such as to find out when free samples are being offered.
  • Catalinas–Catalinas are coupons that print out at the register when you make a purchase at the store. Sometimes these are regular manufacturer coupons like you might find in your newspaper, other times, they are offers for a specific dollar amount off your next order when you buy a specific item(s).
  • Peelies–Peelies are coupons that are affixed to the product.  You need to peel them off the product to use at the register.
  • Blinkies–These coupons come out of those little machines in the aisles of your grocery stores with the blinking lights on them.
  • Tearpads–Similar to blinkies, these coupons are usually found on a product display in the store, and you simply tear a coupon off the pad to use at the register.
  • All You magazine–This is a magazine to which all couponers should subscribe!  It contains hundreds of dollars worth of coupons each month, along with money-saving and household tips and articles.  It pays for itself when you use as few as one coupon from the magazine each month.
  • Mailers–Certain stores and companies (like Target or Proctor and Gamble) mail out coupons to their customers from time to time.  Many times, these coupons are not available anywhere else.
  • Mobile coupons–These are coupons that are available on your cell phone.  An example of a company that offer these coupons is Target .
  • E-Coupons–These are electronic coupons that can be added to your store’s club card.  When you purchase a certain item at the register, the computer will automatically deduct the coupon amount from your total if the e-coupon had been added to your card.  These coupons are so easy to use because you don’t have to clip anything, and they can usually be stacked with a manufacturer’s coupon for even more savings!
  • Printables–You can print off coupons online.
  • Writing to a company–Many times a company will send you coupons for their products if you write to them, letting them know how much you enjoy their products.

As you can see, there are many ways to find coupons!  Next time, we’ll discuss how to decipher coupon abbreviations.

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    This is a great list for all the types of coupons Erin. Just this past weekend I found a tearpad for Starbucks refreshers at Winco Foods. I only took one coupon I should have grabed two as there were two coupon tearpads, so plently for other people.

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