Get Extra Muscle for Spring Cleaning from Mr. Clean

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Get Extra Muscle for Spring Cleaning from Mr. Clean

I am really looking forward to spring after the long, cold winter we’ve had this year. Sunshine, listening to the birds chirping outside and opening the windows for fresh air are all things I’ve looked forward to for weeks. One thing I’m not to keen to do, however, is the Spring Cleaning.

After being shut up all winter, my house could use some airing out and a good scrub from top to bottom. I’m just not looking forward to actually doing all that scrubbing!

But one thing I’ll be using this year to make things go a bit faster and easier is the new Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle. I recently had a chance to try it out during my regular cleaning routine and I found that I really liked it a lot.

Clean Kitchen Counters with Mr. Clean

Starting off in my kitchen, I decided to use the Mr. Clean to wipe down my kitchen counters. I have to put my cat’s food up on the end of the counter so that the dog doesn’t eat it, but that means that the cat walks on the counter, and I need to clean it often.

Using the Mr. Clean in a diluted form was super easy: the bottle has an “auto-stop cap” that puts just the right amount of cleaning liquid into your water. I loved this feature because I tend to use too much soap when I clean, which not only wastes product, but sometimes leaves a soapy residue.

Mr Clean makes my floors shine!

With the counter tops all sparkly clean, I turned my attention to the floors. Using the diluted Mr. Clean, I was able to mop my laminate floors in no time.

The floors came out clean and smelling nice…the Febreze Meadows and Rain scent was much more pleasing than the chemical smells in some other cleaners.

I also used the Mr. Clean with a sponge to tackle some scuff marks from my kids’ step stool. The marks have been there for quite some time because I couldn’t remove them with anything else that I had tried. The Mr. Clean, along with some elbow grease, took care of them in minutes.

Mr. Clean also worked great in the bathrooms, leaving our tubs and sinks sparking!

Spring Cleaning won’t be such a chore with the new Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle in my cleaning toolkit this year! I’ll be glad to actually have some free time to enjoy the weather 🙂

Where do you experience the most dirt and grime in your home? How do you prevent it from becoming a big mess?

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    My biggest challenge is the slight sticky grease film that can form in the kitchen. It is always a sticky mess to clean up. I love the idea of the auto stop cap too.

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