Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Finding fun things to do in the summer to keep your kids entertained can be hard! With a long period of free time on their hands, kids can get bored quickly. That’s why I’ve come up with this long list of fun summer activities for kids that will keep your toddlers, preschoolers, elementary-age kids and tweens busy and entertained all summer long.

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Every year, it seems like we go through the same routine…excitement at the beginning of the season because there is no school. That quickly fades to boredom when the novelty of watching TV on the weekdays wears off and most of the kids’ friends head out of town on their own family vacations, leaving no one to play with.

So in order to break up the monotony this summer, I brainstormed a long list of activities that my kids and I can do together. I’ve tried to include crafts, outdoor activities, learning opportunities and just plain fun in this list, to make sure there is something that everyone likes.

I’ve also tried to keep this list more on the frugal side. While we love to spend time together and have fun during the summer, we really can’t spend $40 several times a week for everyone to go to see the most recent movie or spend a couple of hours at the popular bounce house hangout. Activities that you can do for free (or almost free) take off some of the financial stress, and are oftentimes more fun anyway.

Summer Fun Ideas for Kids

I hope your kids will enjoy trying out some of these fun activities over the summer!

Make sure you also take advantage of the free printable at the bottom of this post. You can download and print a copy to hang up on your refrigerator, crossing off each activity as you do them. See how many you can finish before school starts again!

Go to dollar movies
Have a picnic
Attend library story time
Plant tomatoes
Go fruit picking at a local farm
Run through the sprinklers
Make homemade ice cream
Make finger gelatin

two young children painting the sidewalk with chalk paint

Make sidewalk chalk paint
Play mini golf
Make homemade bird feeders
Take a field trip to historical sites
Fly kites
Play board games
Sign up for free reading programs
Invite friends for homemade pizza party
Watch fireworks
Learn to crochet
Make trail mix
Take a road trip

little boy sitting on the side of the pool while squirting a water gun into the water

Go swimming at the neighborhood pool
Go for a family bike ride
Make a back to school teacher’s gift
Visit a DIY pottery shop
Visit an arcade
Make a Father’s Day gift
Attend Vacation Bible School
Have a water balloon fight
Make and race paper airplanes
Camp in your backyard
Make some homemade bubble solution and blow bubbles
Go the the playground
Visit the beach
Read aloud a novel to your family
Watch a 4th of July parade
Go to the zoo
Make homemade ice pops
Make slime

three piles of homemade play dough on a cutting board

Make homemade play dough
Have a family movie night
Clean out and organize old toys
Go out to breakfast
Visit garage sales
Go to a baseball game
Play hide and seek
Throw a football in the backyard
Make a fairy garden
Play bingo
Visit a museum
Make a summer memory book

three pints of handpicked strawberries sitting on the grass

Make strawberry freezer jam
Make a wind catcher
Collect school supplies for needy kids
Plant a flower garden
Make a leaf collection
Make solar prints
Make money jars
Buy a snow cone
Make s’mores at a campfire
Have a spa day at home

Fun summer activities for kids printable list

Would you like to have your own copy of this long list of fun activities to do with your kids this summer?

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Hope you have a very happy and fun summer with your kids!

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6 thoughts on “Fun Summer Activities for Kids”

  1. blank

    We’ve started our summer break here. The kids had a water balloon fight yesterday and we just started picking strawberries out of our garden. A few more days and we should be able to make a batch of strawberry freezer jam.

    The ideas you’ve shared are great and it’s nice they aren’t expensive to do too. I hope your family has a great summer.

  2. blank

    It has been raining here in Florida for weeks, I can’t wait for it to go away so we can finally enjoy the beach or pool! These are great ideas, even for those days when the weather isn’t great!

    1. blank

      Yes, we get a lot of rain here in the summer too, and so I always need to have something that we can do indoors 🙂

      Hope you and your kids have a lot of fun this summer!

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