Deck Makeover Project: A Special Place for Mom

deck staining

Hello friends! I’ve been wanting to show you my recent deck makeover project…it was so much fun to create 🙂

As many of you may know, I’m a big fan of Sally Clarkson, who is a wonderful mentor to moms with her many books and her blog.  I recently read her book The Mom Walkblank (affiliate link), in which she discusses the need for moms to involve beauty into their homes. She also talks about the special chair that she always uses for her daily quiet time, which inspired me to create my own special little space out on our deck.

Staining the Deck

We moved into our house almost 4 years ago, and at that time, the deck needed to be washed and stained, but we just didn’t have the money to do it until recently.  After 4 years of rain, snow, humidity and use, our deck was looking pretty shabby.

I don’t have a “before” picture of the entire deck, but I did find one that I took of a squirrel stealing a piece of bread off the deck:

squirrel on the deck

The deck looks awful, doesn’t it?

We hired a company to power wash and stain our deck, which has made it so much more inviting! Because the deck had already had a layer of transparent stain on it, the company told us that we had to apply a solid color stain this time to prevent any spottiness.  We chose a dark reddish-brown, which is quite a contrast to the old stain.

Making a space for mom

mom's space

After the deck was cleaned and stained, I went about looking for a chair for my new space on the upper part of the deck.  I searched Freecycle and Craigslist, but any chairs that I thought would work were snapped up too fast.

Finally, I happened upon an ad on Craigslist from a furniture consignment store here in Maryland, so I decided to check out their website.  They specialize in refinished furniture in the shabby chic style, which I just LOVE!

After a little convincing, my husband agreed that we could drive up and look at the store.  An hour later, a pretty little metal rocking chair was mine…along with the desire for almost every other piece in the store!

The little glass and metal side table was purchased at a second store around the corner, which we discovered after we stopped to get some gas.  It’s perfect for holding a cup of coffee or a nice glass of sweet tea while I’m reading 🙂

Decorating my space

decorating the deck

So with the chair and side table all set into place, I decided to plant a few flowers in some pots. Being a little later in the season, Home Depot had some flowers on clearance (score!), so I bought a few in pink and white and planted them in some pots I had leftover from last year.

The chair pillow is one that I made many years ago when I took a class at a local sewing store. The colors and pattern are still my absolute favorites 🙂

I’ve had this t-shirt rug on my to-do list forever, so I’m hoping to make one soon to go under the chair.  This old doormat will have to do for now.

diy teacup birdfeeder

I also made this adorable little teacup bird feeder to hang out on the deck. Isn’t it adorable? Super easy AND very inexpensive….I’ll have the tutorial for it on the blog next week 🙂

So there you have it, my little deck makeover project! I’ve really enjoyed having a nice, quiet place to sit in the mornings during my quiet time, where I can sip my coffee and listen to the birds while reading.

Do you have a special little space for yourself at home? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

5 thoughts on “Deck Makeover Project: A Special Place for Mom”

  1. blank

    Your deck and bird feeder look great. We need to clean and seal our deck again this year too. I am hoping because it’s just been a year that it won’t be as bad as last year. Looking forward to your post on the tea cup bird feeder.

    1. blank

      Thanks Shelly! We tried to do the deck ourselves, but after cleaning one section unsuccessfully, my husband declared that we were going to have to hire someone. It was a really big job. I hope yours isn’t too bad 🙂

  2. blank

    Just adorable, Erin. I also love S. Clarkson so I think I need to read that book! I’m so glad you made a little spot for your happy mommy heart. 🙂 And I now want to make a teacup birdfeeder!!! xxx

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