Crochet Coffee Mug Cozy Tutorial

I’m so excited to share this easy crochet coffee mug cozy tutorial today! Seriously, it’s so easy that you can have one finished and hugging your coffee mug in only a few minutes.

This would be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation week, or really any occasion on which you might like to give something handmade.

coffee mug wrapped in a crocheted cozy

I find that people love receiving something specially made just for them; in my own case, I find that a gift is more valuable to me because I know the effort that someone put into making it for me.

{But…they don’t have to know how easy this to make!}

In the tutorial video, I reference a few things:

1. Mugs: try to find a straight-sided mug, to make the process easier. I like this personalized mug (affiliate link) that I found on Tiny Prints. Hint: Take 20% off your order with the code TINYPRINTS20 at checkout.

2. Beginner’s crochet tutorials: I learned crocheting by watching videos on You Tube. My favorite is HappyBerry Crochet…she has several beginners videos, but she does such a good job of explaining that I was able to make a pair of adult slippers on my first-ever try at crochet. Her patterns are just adorable too!

You can also download BluPrint’s eGuide: The Beginner’s Guide to Crochet for FREE (affiliate link) to help you get started.

3. I found the pattern for this tutorial at All About Ami. She has many other nice patterns, including a beautiful afghan that I want to try soon.

I hope you enjoy making your own coffee mug cozy!

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20 thoughts on “Crochet Coffee Mug Cozy Tutorial”

  1. blank

    I have always wanted to make one of these, but my crocheting skills are very basic. Thanks for the simple tutorial that even I can manage 🙂

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        1. blank

          Hi Joelle,

          I think I used an H hook in the video, but you can use pretty much any size hook…just be sure to measure against your mug as you go to make sure it fits.

          Thanks so much for stopping by…hope to hear from you again soon! 🙂

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