Clutter-Busting Challenge, Day 5: A late start!

clutter busting challenge

I’m a bit late starting Money Saving Mom’s Clutter-Busting Challenge, but I’m very excited about it! Despite my efforts to clean out closets and organize in 2012, this house still has too much clutter laying around.

The essence of the challenge is to go through your home each weekday and find 7 items that you can throw out. That might not seem like a lot, but over the course of the month, that really adds up to a great deal.

Day 5: A big haul

decluttering day 5

Since I’m starting late, I decided to go ahead and play catch-up…meaning that I had find 35 items to part with today. It surprisingly wasn’t too hard (hey, I told you we still had lots of clutter!), and with the help of my kids, I finished the chore in only about 10 minutes.

Some of the items I found today were:

  • 11 Keeping Up Appearances videotapes (we don’t even have a working VCR anymore!)
  • A potty-training DVD
  • The cardboard box that my laptop came in
  • 5 stuffed cows from Chick-Fil-A
  • Various old, used-up coloring books
  • A picture frame that I found on clearance at Target (which I found was actually broken when I brought it home)

I put the items that are still worthwhile into a box for a garage sale, and the rest of the things went into the recycling bin or the garbage.  It feels good to clear out this old stuff!

Are you joining the Clutter-Busting Challenge?

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5 thoughts on “Clutter-Busting Challenge, Day 5: A late start!”

  1. blank

    Looks like you found lots of items to remove today. Great job catching up on the challenge. Today I searched for clutter in the boxes my son has on his book shelves. We did two boxes today and we will be working on the other two tomorrow.

  2. blank

    I just joined the challenge, though I didn’t catch up. 🙂 I just picked 7 things to de-clutter yesterday.

    Way to go on catching up and de-cluttering 35! High five, Erin! I’m looking forward to seeing what we’ll get rid or or donate today.

  3. blank

    You’re amazing! And I LOVE Keeping Up Appearances! How did you part with them (even without a vcr)??? Oh, I could NOT part with dear Hyacinth, lol! Anyway, great work! I think we tossed that same orange bucket last week. 🙂

    1. blank

      Oh my goodness…KUA is the best show ever! My hubby gave me the entire collection on DVD last year for Christmas, so I had a good excuse to get rid of the old tapes.

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