Clutter-Busting Challenge, Day 13: Wading into the Dressers

clutter busting challenge

So….I’m a few days behind (again!) in the Clutter-Busting Challenge. But getting rid of clutter is a big goal of mine, so I will just have to make it a higher priority next week. And maybe do some catching up over the weekend 🙂

I decided to start going through some of my clothing, and weed out some of the things that I don’t wear anymore. I began in my dresser today and found a few things to rid of:

clearing clutter

I found several old shirts that were either torn, stained or just plain worn out, plus a few pairs of pajamas that don’t fit (one is too big, the other too small).

Did you do any clutter busting today?

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4 thoughts on “Clutter-Busting Challenge, Day 13: Wading into the Dressers”

    1. blank

      Oh my goodness…I should go through my kids’ toy storage bins, since they are full of random toys. It’s really shameful how much junk they have 🙁

  1. blank

    We worked again on my daughter ‘s closet. She had a few boxes on the top shelf. I though they had something important in them and that’s why we kept them. Well it turns out that they were empty. I can’t believe we had kept those boxes that long.

    Great job on your clutter busting today! Doesn’t it feel great to clear out the clutter?

    1. blank

      It sure does Shelly! I’m glad that I don’t have to stuff clothing into my overloaded dresser drawers anymore. I tend to keep things long past their prime.

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