Clutter-Busting Challenge, Day 11: A Whole Big Pile of Stuff!

clutter busting challenge

It was a crazy week last week at our house, so I’ve been sort of hit-and-miss on the Clutter-Busting Challenge over at Money Saving Mom. Hopefully, this week will be a little more conducive to clutter control 🙂

reducing clutter

On Friday, I dug into the desk in the entry way of our house and found a whole lot of clutter waiting to be sorted. Here’s some of the craziness that I got rid of:

  • 4 (yes, FOUR) outdated calendars/planners
  • various papers
  • owners’ manuals for appliances that we don’t even own anymore
  • approximately 1 million old greeting cards
  • a broken iPhone case
  • an old mirror/key storage piece that we replaced with a larger coat hanger system

I think this qualifies me as being caught up, don’t you?

Have you been following this Clutter-Busting Challenge? What funny things have you found around your house to get rid of?

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4 thoughts on “Clutter-Busting Challenge, Day 11: A Whole Big Pile of Stuff!”

    1. blank

      The paper clutter is SO bad here. I just can’t seem to get rid of it, as it grows everyday, especially with the mail. I hope you have better luck getting rid of it 🙂

  1. blank

    WOOHOO! And I laughed hard at the 1 million old greeting cards. I have a hard time tossing cards. I’m doing cookbooks (SO HARD!!! I don’t wanna give them away!) and more of our office today. Yes, the office will take me four years. Awesome job, Erin! Btw, LOVE the right sidebar of your page now…your home is so sweet and cozy looking!

    1. blank

      Well, thanks! But that isn’t a picture of my house…it’s a stock photo I found online and purchased. But I loved it because it did look so cozy, especially with all the pretty fall leaves around it 🙂

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