Challenging your kids to help others with CWIST

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for CWIST. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


One of my goals as a mom is to teach my kids to help others. I would love it if they grew up to be the kind of adults that put others before themselves and willingly share their blessings with those that do not have anything.

At such a young age, they aren’t really able to volunteer in a homeless shelter or hospital right now, so I have a hard time finding opportunities for my kids to serve others on their own.

Introducing CWIST

I’m using a new tool to help me teach my kids about helping others: CWIST.  CWIST is an online teaching tool that parents can use to assign different challenges…both educational and service-based…to their kids.  When kids complete the challenges, or CWISTS, assigned to them, they received a reward, chosen in advance by the parent.

My little guy hates wearing his bike helmet when outside on his bike or scooter, so I used CWIST’s bike helmet safety challenge to help him see the importance of wearing his helmet.  We went through the CWIST together, watching a video on how to make sure the helmet is on correctly, why the helmet is necessary, and making a promise to always wear it while riding anything with wheels. His reward was choosing the restaurant for the next time we ate out as a family.

Since using the CWIST challenge, I haven’t had to remind my son to wear his helmet when playing outside! I think the fun video and having someone else talk to him about the subject (other than mom’s nagging) got the point across.

Kids Cwist for Kids

Kids CWIST for Kids

This holiday season, CWIST has launched a program in which kids can complete challenges in order to reward another child in need with a fun gift. Called Kids CWIST for Kids, this program is perfect for getting your kids involved in serving others.

For this challenge, I decided to have my daughter choose a local child and adopt them for Christmas. It was her job to identify a child, make a list of what he or she needed, enlist the help of her family friends, and then deliver the gifts to the child.

My daughter chose a 5 year-old boy from our Salvation Army Angel Tree at church. We then went shopping for an outfit, a warm winter coat, fun Lightning McQueen sneakers, and some age-appropriate Legos. Last weekend, we dropped off the gifts to our Angel Tree coordinator, who will deliver them to Salvation Army.

In exchange for completing this important challenge, CWIST donated a bracelet loom to a 7 year-old girl, whom my daughter chose from a list of children in need. Since my daughter loves making the bracelets herself, she wanted another girl to be able to have a loom too 🙂

You can sign up for CWIST!

You too can sign your kids up for CWIST so that they can get busy helping others. Simply head over to the CWIST site and create a free account.
There is still plenty of time for your kids to complete some challenges in order to donate their rewards to others who may not receive any gifts this Christmas.

After the holidays, you can use your CWIST account to challenge your kids to learn something new, do something to help their community, or simply make sure they do their household chores. The fun site and rewards will make them want to finish!

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