Organizing Tips for Kids

Now that we’ve got the rest of our house pretty well-organized, we need to start teaching our kids to get organized. Not only will this help you with the job of organizing the house, but it also teaches them how to get organized on their own, which is a wonderful life skill to possess. My …

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Organizing Family Photos

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been taking lots and lots of pictures of your kids since the day they were born…pictures of milestones, everyday happenings, and holiday celebrations and even family trips. That adds up to a lot of pictures to get organized! Organizing family photos can be a little time consuming, but totally …

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How to Organize: Family Room

It’s probably the most-lived in room of the house…the family room. (At least it is in our home!) In this room, our family plays games, reads, practices piano, scrapbooks and just plain hangs out. With all that activity taking place, it’s important to figure out how to organize the family room. Just like with the …

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Pantry Organizing Tools

We’re still working on the kitchen in the How to Organize Your Home series! This week, we’re tackling the pantry, and I’m giving you some of my best ideas for pantry organizing tools. In my Kitchen Organizing Ideas post last time, I talked a little bit about my kitchen and how I organize it according …

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Bedroom Organizing Ideas

We’re back to organizing again this week with some helpful bedroom organizing ideas! Our bedrooms are the places where we rest and relax, but if your room is cluttered and messy, odds are that you won’t be doing much relaxing there…you’ll feel stressed out instead! Here are some of my bedroom organizing ideas that will …

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