Book Review: The Christian Parenting Handbook

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Christian Parenting Handbook

Do you remember those first few months as a new mom when that sweet little baby you brought home from the hospital had completely thrown your schedule out of whack?  On top of figuring out how to feed, dress and figure out what each cry meant, you weren’t getting any sleep and you thought you might never “get” being a mom.  Well, I can now say that I have all the basics finally figured out, but now I have an even bigger problem.  How do I shape my children’s hearts and help them become loving, caring adults with a sense of responsibility in this age of entitlement?  That’s where The Christian Parenting Handbook comes in.

This wonderful book, written by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN, the founders of the National Center for Biblical Parenting,  has been such a blessing to me!  Using practical examples and demonstrating solutions, the authors help parents discover how to really reach their children’s hearts, which I think is the key to raising up Godly children.

The authors cover 50 strategies for helping parents deal with character building, sibling rivalry (which is just starting in our home!), and my personal favorite, how to teach your kids to be solvers, not whiners.  Each chapter is short and to the point, which is helpful to a busy mom who doesn’t have a lot of free time to read (I hate when I have to stop right in the middle of a chapter!).  Whether you have small children, like me, or teenagers, this book deals with all ages.

Through this book, Dr. Turansky and Ms. Miller have taught me how to guide my children into solving problems, rather than just listening to them whine about them, how to make sure that I discipline each child separately in the case of a sibling squabble, and how to give my children time to cool off before disciplining them so that I can really reach their hearts with kind words instead of punishing them in the heat of the moment.

I will definitely keep The Christian Parenting Handbook close at hand to refer to throughout the years!

If you would like more information on The Christian Parenting Handbook, please check out Thomas Nelson.

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    Erin, this books sounds like a great book to have on my bookshelf. I know I am trying to teach my kids to be self-reliant instead of always yelling “mom”, I try to get them to figure it out for themselves. Thanks for sharing about this book.

    1. blank

      Yes, we have that problem around here too! I’ve just been so used to doing everything for them since they were born, that sometimes I forget that they can do things for themselves now. I’m so glad that I have the examples in the book to follow.

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