Book Review: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

Goodbye to Survival Mode

Do you ever feel like you are totally overwhelmed with life? Are you tired, stressed out, feeling like you don’t have enough hours in the day to do all the things you’re “supposed” to do?

As moms, we can easily take on too much…we say yes to joining the PTA, our church’s Bible study group, running the neighborhood watch committee. We enroll our kids in all the “expected” activities such as sports, music lessons, swim team and the like and spend hours driving them back and forth.

We constantly hear messages from everywhere about things that we “should” be doing…keeping our houses clean and organized, exercising, volunteering, growing our own organic produce, making time for girls’ nights out, spending enough quality time with our families…and the list goes on and on. And when we find that we can’t do everything, we feel guilty.

We are all living in survival mode instead of really enjoying our lives.

Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode

The new book Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Lifeblank by Crystal Paine (affiliate link) has really changed my outlook on all of this craziness.

As a mom of three young children, a wife, and owner of the successful blog, Crystal used to be just like the rest of us…overwhelmed with too much to do and dealing with piles of guilt for not doing it. She felt like she was letting down everyone who mattered to her, and even became very sick because of the constant stress in her life.

One day she realized, with the help of her husband, that she could no longer go on that way…she had to make some changes. As a result, she is now rested, happy, able to do what she loves and really enjoy her family.

Making Important Changes


In her book, Crystal shares some of the important changes that can make a big difference in your stress level, including:

  • Saying no to activities and commitments that aren’t important to you
  • Focusing on the things you are really good at
  • Getting enough sleep so that you feel rested
  • Organizing your time so that you don’t feel overwhelmed
  • How to get your finances in order

I think that one area in which I struggle is saying no to activities.  I always feel so guilty if I don’t volunteer for things that my kids are involved in, so I end up saying yes to things that I don’t really like doing.  Can anyone relate?

This book has really opened my eyes to how I got to this point and what I need to do to fix it. I’m really looking forward to implementing the changes that Crystal suggests and get busy living on purpose!

Exciting Offers for ordering Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

If having a relatively stress-free and fulfilling life isn’t incentive enough to purchase this book, you should see what Crystal is giving away this week for those who buy her new book:

  • A free Dayspring Flip Calendar (when purchased between January 21-26)
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You can also sign up for the 7-day Say Goodbye to Survival Mode challenge course and check out the first chapter of the book for free!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over now and order your own copy of Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Lifeblank (affiliate link) so that you can start down the path to a more passionate and intentional life!

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    This just makes me want to read this book even more. I’ve yet to purchase it, but I love her writing, ideas, grace, and more. Thank you for sharing more about the book and your experience with it! Also, I completely understand the “not saying no to activities” thing…I so often regret when I say yes to those things I just DO NOT want to do and which I feel my little one doesn’t even get much out of it. Hugs!

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