Book Review: Be the Best Mom You Can Be by Marina Slayton

Disclosure: Family Christian provided me with a copy of this book in order to facilitate a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Being a mom is so important to me, and I want to do the best job that I possibly can. That’s why I’m always trying to improve my mothering skills by reading books by trusted motherhood mentors, like Sally Clarkson.

And while I just adore Sally and her writings, it’s always good to find new voices who are also kindred spirits in motherhood, and I think I found one in Marina Slayton, author of the new book, Be The Best Mom You Can Be.

Book Review- Be The Best Mom You Can Be

Raising Children in a Broken World

Today’s world is super scary for mothers…stories of drug abuse, sexual abuse, cyber bullying and teenage suicide are just a few of the things that I’m afraid of when it comes to raising my kids. I hope that none of these awful things will ever happen to our family, but I sometimes feel as though I’m not sure that I’m doing the right things to avoid the bad stuff, and I don’t know how I would handle it if one of these situations were to occur.

Fortunately, Marina, an ivy-league educated mother of four and committed Christian, has written a manual of sorts to help modern-day Christian moms walk through raising their children.

Important Takeaway for Moms

While Marina’s advice is very similar to Sally Clarkson’s, which is probably why I enjoyed the book so much…it resonates with much that I already believe…she covers topics that are more recently seen in our culture, such as the high-pressure that many kids face in education, the rampant sexual messages on social media and in entertainment, and the busyness that has seemed to taken hold of everyone.

Our children won't remember us as perfect

The important things that I learned from Be The Best Mom You Can Be are:

  1. Write a family vision statement. Without knowing what you are working toward, motherhood will just be a day-to-day survival of laundry, cooking and cleaning. Planning what kind of relationships that you want to have with each member of the family, and naming what your family’s core values are is so important to a healthy family culture.
  2. Moms were never called to be perfect. Since I struggle with perfectionism, I tend to beat myself up if things don’t look perfect…if the laundry isn’t all done and put away…if dinner doesn’t taste just perfect. This causes me a lot of anxiety. Fortunately, as Marina says, Motherhood is not a performance, but a ministry. It is also not a competition and we don’t have to feel badly if we don’t do whatever just like that other mom.
  3. “Our kids need to be raised with the knowledge that they are valuable whether they produce or not.” We need to help our children develop their God-given talents and teach them how to take care of themselves by learning to work, but we shouldn’t put so much pressure on them to perform in school that they become anxious if they fail, as in the “tiger mom” method.
  4. Love is the foundation. Everyone wants to feel that they are loved and wanted, and so our actions and words should always reflect love, especially to our family. This quote is my favorite: “Our children won’t remember us as perfect; they will remember that we loved them.”

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    I love the quote from the book you shared. It’s hard being a mom. You never feel like you’re doing it quite right but with God’s grace even when we don’t do things, quite right, he can use them for good.

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