Book Review: 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this eBook in order to facilitate a review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve really been trying to focus on getting my home into order. I’m 21 weeks into a 40 week home organizing challenge and I’ve been tackling clutter like a crazy woman, freeing up space both literally and mentally. It’s been a very good thing around here.

It’s a good thing for both me and my family, because when the house is tidy and orderly, we can all relax and do life in our home, which is really the definition of a good home, and I want to have a good home.

But let’s be honest, getting clean and organized is not all that much fun. (Wait, what am I saying? It’s not fun at all!) It needs to get done, but sometimes we need to be reminded about why we even need to bother with all that work.


I mean, I don’t like living with piles of junk all over the house and gobs of dog hair blowing across the wooden floors; that kind of stuff makes me anxious, but yet, I’d rather be doing almost anything else than cleaning.

That’s why I’m so thankful for books like 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae (affiliate link). Not only does this give me the plan to get my house into order, but it also gives me the why.

Using as her models those famous Biblical sisters, Mary, who forgot all the work so that she could listen to Jesus, and Martha, who was all about the work, Sarah Mae gives us the steps to get our homes into Martha order, but with a Mary spirit.

When I think of the entire job of getting each and every room and closet into order, I get very overwhelmed, but divided up among 31 days, it seems a lot more do-able. Plus, I also get a small devotional each day to help encourage me in what is really a ministry to my family and to those whom I extend hospitality.


This book is also full of funny little bits that made me smile, like:

  • “Do the dishes (HOLLA if you have a dishwasher and praise the Lord for it)”
  • “Do not even look at the hand-held mop. Oh no, sister, you need to get a sponge and a bowl
    full of hot soapy water and get on your hands and knees. Clean those floors well! Get those pieces of mac nโ€™ cheese, the old cheerio, and the…what-is-that? Get it too! Scrub, baby scrub!”
  • “Today, we move on to…the car. Thatโ€™s right, you heard me correctly. Whether itโ€™s freezing outside or warm and sunny, if your car is a mess letโ€™s get it clean.”

The thing I like the best about 31 Days to Clean is the overall message…your home doesn’t have to look or be perfect, what is important is that you bring love to your home and make a life inside. And this is the tool to help you do just that.

By the way, the Kindle version of 31 Days to Clean is on sale this week for only 99 cents! So head on over to pick up your copy before the prices goes up next week ๐Ÿ™‚

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6 thoughts on “Book Review: 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae”

  1. blank

    I’ve been doing better with keeping the house clean since I restarted a cleaning schedule. With two dogs and a cat we really need to keep up on it because of all the hair. I’ve discovered if I have a plan I can get it done, if I don’t have a plan, it doesn’t get done. So I try to plan my cleaning on Monday for the whole week and it makes me happy each time I get to cross an item off my list. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have an earlier version of this book and love it.

    1. blank

      Oh the pet hair…it kills me! I’ve just given up on trying to wear clothes without dog hair on them. It’s still around no matter how much I vacuum.

      Having a plan is so nice…I agree with you about getting to cross things off the list!

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