Bedroom Organizing Ideas

We’re back to organizing again this week with some helpful bedroom organizing ideas!

A bed sitting next to a white chair with a lamp, coffee cup and vase of flowers on it

Our bedrooms are the places where we rest and relax, but if your room is cluttered and messy, odds are that you won’t be doing much relaxing there…you’ll feel stressed out instead!

Here are some of my bedroom organizing ideas that will help you restore order to your boudoir 😉


Before you begin organizing, go through all of the items in your bedroom and get rid of the things that you don’t want or need, or things that are broken or do not fit anymore. The less we have to organize, the better.

In my last post about clutter, I told you about how I went through my closet and picked out a large amount of clothing that I needed to let go. I did the same with the my dresser drawers. This allowed me to have much more space in which to store the things I kept, and organizing what was leftover was much easier.

One thing to keep in mind if you share a bedroom with a spouse: check with them before you get rid of any of their things. What may look like junk to you may actually be important to your spouse.

an open bedroom dresser drawer filled with books and other clutter

For example, my husband has had this radio scanner (at least, I think that’s what it is…) since before we met. I’m not actually sure what it is used for, but I do know that he hasn’t used it since we were married, 14 years ago.

Because I love him and respect his feelings, I didn’t throw it out when I first found it during my decluttering. I put it to the side and asked him about it later. He was so glad that I found it, said he wanted to keep it, and then put it in a drawer, where he hasn’t touched it since. If it were up to me, we would recycle or donate it, because I don’t think it’s worthwhile, but he loves it and so we’re keeping it.

Find furniture that has lots of drawers

Obviously, if you already have bedroom furniture that you are planning on keeping, this tip won’t help you that much. But if you are thinking about buying new furniture in the near future, try to find some that has lots of drawers.

a bedroom side table next to a bed

We bought this set a few years ago after having hand-me-downs for many years. The thing that frustrated me about our old set was that there were actually very few drawers in it…many of them were deep drawers into which you could place a pile of sweaters or t-shirts, but they were continually messy because you would have to dig through the pile to find what you were looking for.

My favorite part of our new set is the side table…there are three good-sized drawers in which I can store things. I had considered getting small tables from Ikea for our bedroom because they looked pretty in the advertisement, but I’m so glad that I ended up with these, because I have so much more storage space.

To organize the small stuff in your dresser drawers, it is very helpful to have containers in which to put things, otherwise, they all tend to get jumbled up. You can find some organizing bins in the store, or make your own. I found these cuties over at I Heart Organizing.

Add extra space to the closet

Before we moved to this house, every bedroom that I had ever lived in had the one bar across the top for hanging clothes. In our current home, our closets have two sets of bars, which pretty much doubles the storage ability in the closet.

clothes hanging in a bedroom closet

The only bad thing about this set up is that there is only one small space in which to hang long dresses, otherwise they bunch up at the bottom. I only have a few long dresses, however, so it works out great for us.

If your closet doesn’t have the double bars, you can find a similar closet organizer (affiliate link) and install it yourself for very little money.  The shelves come in very handy for storing shoes and sweaters that you don’t want to hang up.

tie rack for the bedroom closet

I also love this tie rack (affiliate link) that my husband hangs all his ties on. They stay crease free and are in plain sight when he opens the door to pick out his shirt for work.  You can even store jewelry in your closet with something like this jewelry organizer found over at Infarrantly Creative.

Bench at end of bed

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to find a storage bench to fit at the end of our bed, which we can use for storage and for sitting. I just can’t seem to find one that I really like, but I’ll continue to look.

I did think that this idea from Vanilla Joy of putting an Ikea bookcase on its side as bed storage was ingenious…I love the baskets, and it’s a great place to put the books you might read each night in bed.

Decorate with boxes that can hold items

I’m not one that likes a lot of stuff out on my dressers and floor…I like all my stuff put away out of sight 🙂 But I know that it’s not always possible to put everything away, so I use pretty boxes and baskets to store miscellaneous stuff.

pink jewelry box on top of bedroom dresser

One obvious container to use is a jewelry box. This is the jewelry box that my husband gave me on our first wedding anniversary (it plays the song that we danced our first dance to at our wedding!). I keep my little earrings and rings in this box.

These pretty decorative boxes shown over at Taste{Full} are clever hidden storage space, and I love the way that Mandy turned a plain old cardboard box into a pretty container for storing books or blankets or whatever.

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    These are great tips, Erin. We have closet organizer in each of the bedroom closets. They work really well for being able to keep things nice and neat.

    In our bedroom the storage is really limited. We don’t have a dresser and just one night stand. We do have a bed with drawers under it to make up for the lack of a dresser. But I wouldn’t mind having more drawers in the bedroom for storage.

    1. blank

      Thanks Shelly! I’m sure having the closet organizer has helped make a lot more storage space for you, although the drawers under your bed sure seem nice!

  2. blank

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Erin. I especially like your tip about the bedroom dresser. We currently have one bedroom dresser with three drawers in it, and because the drawers are deeper…I tend to wear the clothes on the “top” and the other clothes are mostly left unworn.

    I’m going to tuck your tip away into my memory for later…for when we replace our current dresser. 🙂

  3. blank

    We have a huge walk in closet with two bars as well. It really does add space to the closet. My husband likes to keeps things he does not even have a use for as well. I like to secretly get rid of these things and make room. Shh he has no idea I do it lol. #HomeMattersParty

    1. blank

      Oh, I’m totally tempted to get rid of his stuff sometimes! I won’t tell on you though 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping by today Angela!

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