An easy way to actually get affordable glasses for your whole family

Needing to buy glasses for any of your family members? Between the eye exam and the cost of frames with prescription lenses, you can spend both a lot of money and time. Learn an easy…and fast… way to get cheap prescription glasses for all the members of your family.

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Three out of the four members of my immediate family now wear prescription eyeglasses. For many years, only my husband and I needed glasses, which wasn’t a huge problem…financially or otherwise.

Because our prescriptions didn’t change too often, we could get away with only having to see the optometrist every two or three years.

Which was nice, because the process of getting a new pair of glasses had become a big an ordeal as buying a new car.

blue box from

We always spent a long time spent trying on numerous pairs of glasses to find the right style for our faces, followed by the haggling with the salesperson over pricey lens styles and coatings to prevent scratching and glare.

Often, by the time we left the glasses shop, we had spent much more than we had anticipated…even with vision insurance…and a huge feeling of relief that the ordeal was over for a long time.

Shopping for glasses online

A few months ago, our youngest developed a need for glasses. We dutifully went to the eye doctor, got a prescription and picked out some frames.

Luckily, it all went well and he wore his new glasses around the house this summer with no problems.

But with the new school year coming up, I started to think about getting a backup pair of glasses to have on hand in case the first pair went missing or became damaged.

This is a twelve year-old boy we’re talking about here 😉

For his new glasses, we decided to try instead of using our optometrist’s office. Because we already had a valid prescription and an existing pair of glasses that fit our son’s head well, ordering his new glasses was the easiest experience we’ve ever had.

fun message on box from, which says, "Ready to Smile".

Finding glasses online that fit

Despite wanting to shop for glasses online, I was honestly a little worried about how we were going to find a pair of frames that would work.

However, when I began searching for kids’ glasses on’s site, I found a very good selection of frames in different styles and colors.

There was also a super helpful guide for finding frames that fit based on the measurement of an existing pair of glasses.

Screenshot from

In just seconds, I was able to input the numbers from my son’s existing glasses and find three pairs of frames that we knew would fit!

Is it cheaper to buy glasses online?

Another thing I really liked about ordering glasses online was how much more affordable they are!

My family is lucky to have a great vision insurance policy, but we actually paid a good deal more for a the glasses at the doctor’s office compared to the ones from

pair of Timex glasses for kids.

Included in this low price are:

  • a good brand-name pair of frames
  • polycarbonate lenses
  • UV-protective coating
  • scratch-resistant coating
  • and a coating that protects eyes from the blue light of electronic screens.

Shipping was also super fast and free! Two days after we finalized our order, the new glasses were at our front door.

new glasses packed inside box with lens cleaner.

It surprised me to see that had also included a free bottle of lens cleaner and a special cleaning cloth inside the box with my son’s glasses. That makes it easy for him to care for his new lenses.

code on inside arm of glasses frames.

Order guarantees and customer service

In addition to the excellent pricing that offers, they also have two other things that make ordering from them a no-brainer: helpful customer service and order guarantees.

I found many useful guides while searching the site for my son’s new glasses. From short articles on types of lenses, to guides on how to measure pupillary distance (including a printable ruler!) made me feel confident that I could successfully order a set of glasses without making a mistake.

But if I did happen to mess something up, has a really generous returns policy. They have a 365 day return policy…so that you can really wear the glasses and make sure they work for you. If they don’t work, you can return them and get your money back or get a replacement.

And if you do have any questions or need help while ordering your glasses, their in-person team is really supportive too! A question popped up about the prescription from our doctor’s office, and the friendly person I spoke to at’s customer service department helped me resolve the issue with no problem.

kids' glasses, glasses case and lens cleaner from

All in all, I am extremely happy with our order from Not only did we get a great pair of glasses, but we did it without a long trip to the glasses shop and the headache of dealing with a salesperson.

I’m looking forward to ordering some prescription sunglasses for myself next summer! And even though I have a more complicated prescription than my son does, I’m confident that I’ll be able to order them successfully with the help of the team at I will enjoy them poolside with my latest read while the kids swim 🙂

To see how you can get your own family their own high-quality eyeglasses at an affordable price, head over to and see all they have to offer!


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