A Super Fun Time at Super Why Live!

Disclosure: U.S. Family Guide provided me with 4 free tickets to a local Super Why Live show in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


My kids, ages 7 and 4, are HUGE fans of the show Super Why. They love the characters, the songs, and most of all, learning letters!  As a mom, I appreciate this show because it is helping my kiddos take an interest in learning to read, which is very important to me.

When I heard that Super Why Live! was coming to Hershey, PA, I jumped at the chance to get some tickets.  My husband and I decided not to tell the kids in advance, because we wanted to surprise them with a fun Family Night with dinner out and the show…and possibly  a visit to Hershey’s Chocolate World to see how those famous Hershey bars are made.

Getting there wasn’t too fun…

Usually the drive to Hershey is only about 90 minutes from our home in Maryland, so we decided to leave early in the afternoon to allow us to get through any traffic, find the theater, eat an early dinner and tour Chocolate World. With some books and toys in the car, the kids normally do just fine on this length of trip.

Unfortunately, we not only ran into some early rush hour traffic, but several accidents along the route, which extended our trip to 3 hours.  Both the kids were able to nap a little, so it wasn’t too hard on them, however, my husband started to get nervous that we would miss the show.

Luckily, we arrived with about 30 minutes to spare…not enough time for dinner, but at least we weren’t going to miss the show!

The beautiful Hershey Theater

Hershey Theater

This was the first time that any of us had been to the Hershey Theater, and we found it to be just beautiful! According to a brochure from the theater, Mr. Hershey had spent quite a lot of time and money designing the perfect building at which his employees could enjoy some great entertainment.


Just look at the ceilings….aren’t they gorgeous?

Waiting for the show


Once inside, we got our tickets and went into the lobby to wait for the doors of the theater to open. While we waited, the kids got to enjoy some coloring fun, which was much appreciated after that long car ride!


Our son was so excited for the show to start….he kept asking when he was going to see Super Why! I had him pose in front of a Super Why poster so that I could get a picture of him with his favorite characters.

The show…at last!

When the theater doors finally opened, everyone rushed to get into line to take their seats. As we had our tickets scanned and found our row, I noticed that our daughter was starting to get a little nervous.

After a little talk, I discovered that she had seen a confetti cannon in the Super Why Live video that we saw online and she was scared that it would make a very loud noise.  I tried to reassure her that it wouldn’t be loud, but she got so worked up, that she began to cry and ask us to take her home.

The Hershey Theater employees took notice of us and were very sweet and accommodating…they offered to move our seats farther back and even gave us some ear plugs so that she wouldn’t have to hear any noises.


Shortly thereafter, the show started…with the confetti cannons.  My baby girl was so busy crying that she didn’t even hear them go off (in fact, they hardly made any noise at all!).  When I told her that the cannons were all over, she calmed down and really enjoyed the show.


Our little guy was spellbound from the first song. He loved all the characters and the songs, and began to clap eagerly with each number.


The whole family really loved the combination of graphics, live characters, and special effects in the show. The length of the show was great too: there were 2, 30-minute acts, with a 15-minute intermission, just perfect for small children. I had worried ahead of time that our son might not sit through the whole show, but he did great!

We also appreciated the short break in between acts, so that we could get up and stretch our legs, and so the kids could “get their wiggles out” before the next part of the show.

A Super Fun Time


Super Why Live! was a big hit with our family. After a crazy drive and a bit of a scary start, all 4 of us…yes, even Mom and Dad…loved it! We ended the evening with a trip to Red Robin for some burgers, and drove home happily, singing, “I love to spell…S, P, E, L, L!”

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    My son would love to go to this show too. It also nice to know they accommodate the kids with breaks. I know my son would have a hard time sitting for long. Looks like you all had a great time. I showed my son the pictures you took at the show and he said “Wow”

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